The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Eau De Oblivious Off Suit Spike's aware that Xander's a totally randy bugger Oblivious
Erogie Leaves Skuzzbopper Spike and Xander are affected by erogie leaves Something Made Us Do It
The Five Times MissE Spike and Xander's relationship is almost discovered five times Secret Lovers
For All Eternity LadyMerlin An errant spell brings the boys together Hyena!Xander
Friendship Never Ends WarpedMindedYaoi Years later, once high school friends William and Xander run into each other while taking their children trick or treating. Human AU;   Holiday Fic
High Definition 3D Skargasm The results were well worth the journey... Secret Lovers
How To Whichclothes Drabble. Spike discovers Xander's dirty little secret Denial
Million Dollar Bachelor Forsaken2003 William Pratt is a successful author of books about the adventures of a vampire named Spike. Developing Feelings;   Human AU
Old Blood Dustandroses When Spike and Xander accidentally get caught up in a dangerous spell, it sets them on a course that could have deadly consequences for them both. Sub/Dom
The Punk Duck Machine Skuzzbopper Xander's oboe Beginnings
Rainbow Emelye Willow's comfort gift kept on giving Beginnings
Shadow of a Man Whichclothes Xander gives in to his inner darkness during season 4, with lasting consequences for him and Spike. Beginnings
A Slayer, A Witch, and a Vampire walk into a Bar Spike_1790 Some unexpected revelations First Time and Beginnings
Spike and Xander's Rocking New Year's Eve Dustandroses Spike, why are you in my house, wearing my last clean pair of underwear? Holiday Fic;  Beginnings
Spike's Masterpiece Dustandroses He belonged to Spike. That should be a disturbing thought, but it wasn’t. It felt right. More right than anything had ever felt before. Sequel to Never As Safe As You Think You Are Vamp!Xander
Sucking Skuzzbopper Xander has a little secret Secret Lovers
A Summer Sun in Winter LadyMerlin Spike wants to feel the warmth of the sun again Christmas;  Beginnings
The Token Human Jujukittychick Xander has always been the token human.   S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Unexpected Package Baudown It's just magic Beginnings
Unexpected Package Dragon's Phoenix Dru sends Xander something unexpected Denial
Unexpected Packages Kahuna Burger The boys get a package in the mail Spander Plus (implied)
Vamp in the Hole Sariel Lunar Spike gets himself into an awkward situation, and then into a more dangerous one. Hyena!Xander
The Wild Hunt Whichclothes Vampires do not celebrate Christmas, but maybe they can celebrate something else instead. Christmas;  Beginnings
Writer's Block Spike_1790 Spike is an author. Willow is a fan. Xander gets caught up in the plot Human AU;   Working Man
Yeah Spike_1790 A conversation between the boys at Christmas. Christmas
The Yule Chanukah Solstice Winter Festival Costume Party Dragon's Phoenix A non-traditional non-Christmas costume party Christmas

Added Nov 30 2011

Title Author Summary Category
Arresting Misconceptions Skargasm Xander Harris is blackmailed into selling drugs at his High School. William Jeffers is the undercover detective sent in to crack the drug-ring. Human AU;   Developing Feelings
By the Light of a Blue Moon Dustandroses A graveyard was no place to spend Halloween night, especially on the Hellmouth. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell the ghouls that Beginnings
Candy Apples Spike_1790 Magic candy apples on Halloween Sweet William;   Holiday Fic;  First Time;   Under a Spell
Captive Skargasm Held captive, he isn't sure whether to be afraid or turned on..... Hyena!Xander
Count Your Losses Spike_1790 Xander misses an opportunity and realises his mistakes too late Angst;   Denial
Fork in the Road Sparrow2000 Xander comes back from his road trip and checks out the scene at the Bronze. Original Spike;   First Time and Beginnings
The Guide Whichclothes Xander's in New York to do a difficult job. Beginnings
The Hermit of Werleyville Whichclothes A curse sends Xander into seclusion--until Spike shows up in town. Superpower!Xander;   Developing Feelings
The Hunter Just Ink Me Tonight, finally, he will prove that he is a worthy hunter. He will claim what has always been his to take! Hyena!Xander
If It Wasn't for Bad Luck Whichclothes A chance encounter with a demon changes Xander's luck. First Time   Sweet and Schmoopy
In The Darkness of the Ocean Spike_1790 Xander forgets a birthday. Established Relationship
Killing Dance Jujukittychick Spike watches Xander fight Established Relationship
A Lovepoem From Spike To Xander Witchway Spike lays awake watching Xander sleep Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know MissE Spike comes to the Hellmouth early, during Xander's hyena possession First Time;   Hyena!Xander
Memory LadyMerlin Xander shares a memory with an old friend Established Relationship
Nature Takes Its Course Whichclothes Xander wants a change of scenery. Established Relationship
The Night In Question Jujukittychick Spike’s in trouble again… Established Relationship
A Night of Culture? Forsaken2003 Xander comes home after a night out at the ballet with the girls. Established Relationship
No Price Too High? Skargasm Is there ever too high a price to pay for love? De-Chipped
The Not-So-Giving Tree Emelye It was a simple enough plan. Go to Orange County. Find the tree. Kill the tree. Get the ring. Shag Xander. Beginnings
Pain Pills Akasakasan Spike takes care of Xander when he's sick. Sweet and Schmoopy;   Beginnings
Postcards MissE Xander's gone, but he'll never forget his bestest bud. Vamp!Xander;   Original Spike
Private Dancer Skargasm All that power, that grace, belonged to him..... Established Relationship
Punishment Whichclothes Immortality hurts. Angst
Sanctuary of the Seasons LadyMerlin Xander goes on a quest to another dimension to free the Dark Prince trapped in the Sanctuary Consort!Xander
The Skin You're In Just Ink Me During another of Willow's wonky spells, Spike, Xander and the rest of the Scooby gang face some hard truths and spilt secrets Body Switcheroo's;  De-Chipped
Sow to the Wind MissE Spike has re-formed the Whirlwind, and is seeking to round out its number.  Sequel to Postcards/Wish You Were Here Vamp!Xander;   Spander Plus;   Original Spike
Spark and Ignition MissE In the end, all it took was one look Beginnings
Spike and The Harris Boy Skargasm and LadyMerlin Spike and Xander run A.I. Sunnydale . the weird and wacky cases that walk through the door..... Established Relationship;   De-Chipped
Surviving the Fire Swamp Just Ink Me As you wish Sweet and Schmoopy
Tequila! Just Ink Me After Xander's recent breakup with Anya, the girls decide he needs a night to let loose. Drink'n'Drugs;   First Time and Beginnings
Three Dog Nights Skuzzbopper Spike catches Xander reading a book on seducing non-mortals, and offers three nights of hands-on "lessons" in the subject-- which is just wonderful, since the non-mortal Xander had been hoping to seduce was Spike. Developing Feelings
Unexpected Pleasures Spike_1790 Spike's POV. An interruption goes better than expected. Beginnings
What Makes My Da Sad Kahuna Burger It's amazing how much kids notice   Kid!fic;   Comedy
Who's Your Daddy? Forsaken2003 Spike decides to add some kink to their sex life Established Relationship

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August 31 2011

Title Author Summary Category
Because of His Lips Eyezrthewindows It really was an atrocity of a film Preslash
Cause And Effect Kiristeen Xander stumbles across a badly injured Spike, and saves his life by giving the vampire some of his own Immortal blood. Lost Memory
The Closest Thing To Sunrise Off Suit Sometimes the world turned backwards, the monsters really were under your bed, and insanity was the only thing that kept you sane Vamp!Xander
Cravings Jujukittychick Spike and Xander have had cravings for years, it's about time they finally accept them. First Time
Dang Me Skuzzbopper Xander and Spike get a little sloshed during a power outage. Spike learns a few things. Drink'n'Drugs
Evil Things Skuzzbopper Summary: Xander has dug a hole. Now it's time to fill it up.   First Time and Beginnings
Fireworks Kahuna Burger Spike and Xander share a 'spot of comfort' during a fireworks display Preslash;  Holiday Fic
The First Thing Kahuna Burger The first thing I would do when I got the bloody chip out would be to.... De-Chipped
Found Baudown Post-series (BtVS and AtS). They run into each other by chance Beginnings
Ghost in the Machine Josie H Post Black Thorn and final AtS - The PtBs screw with Spike yet again. Ghost!Spike; Post NFA
HK1217 Kahuna Burger Xander walked alone, except for his constant shadow, the lithe form in all black with "HK1217" printed neatly on its chest and back. Slave
If Only Words Could Bleed Asenath33 When Xander occasionally caught Spike looking at him, he knew Spike was just being critical. Beginnings
In Plain Sight Electricalgwen Xander moans about his dating difficulties. Spike feels he's overlooking the obvious Beginnings
L'Angelo della Città Whichclothes Xander and Spike go to Venice to investigate a problem. They discover much more than they had expected. Developing Feelings
Loyal Love has Deathless Wings Tabaqui After turning him, Xander knew Spike would come back one day Vamp!Xander;   Hyena!Xander
The Man Who Would Be King Forsaken2003 Robin Hood, Spander style Alternate Incarnations
Merman Love WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Spike is kicked out of his town and then wanders around looking for a new home. He meets Xander and falls in love. Alternate Incarnations;   Not Human
Of Persons Outside Windows Baudown Set in an altered season 4.  They get to know each other. Developing Feelings;   Beginnings
Orbit Skuzzbopper Spike witnesses Xander shotgunning weed with an idiot named Steve. And decides to join them. Drink'n'Drugs
Out With A Bang Jujukittychick It's the end of the world, the Champions have reunited, there's only one way to go... Established Relationship
Predators Kahuna Burger Xander hooks up with a guy who everybody likes... except Spike. Beginnings
A River Called Denial Dustandroses Xander is having problems with his concentration, unless the subject is that annoying, damned sexy vampire Spike! But if he refuses to admit it, it's not really happening, right? Denial;  Masturbation Theater
The Thin Line Between Hell and Heaven Dragon's Phoenix There's a thin line between love and hate... Rewrites;   Developing Feelings
This Is Gay Camp?! WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Xander is dropped off at a camp he never thought he would be taken to. Human AU
Time for the Little Things Kiristeen Xander's feeling restless, not liking the path his social life is taking. He and Spike talk. Preslash
To Wed Or Not To Wed WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead Spike is forced into an arranged marriage, but in the end... is it really forced? Developing Feelings
Trashy Romances MissE Just like Buffy's books Beginnings
Truth or Dare MissE Spike, Xander and Giles play drunk Truth or Dare First Time;  Spander Plus
Your Life Will Never Be The Same Akasakasan Xander is injured during a fight Beginnings
Your Words, as Sharp as Swords, Cut to the Very Heart of Me Dragon's Phoenix Spike's not familiar with the phrase 'little Spike' Established Relationship

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