The Spander Files

Stories featuring one or both the boys as parents

Anything For You by Raihne   Xander's friends know he's in love with Spike, but Xander has another secret

Benevolence by Bohofemm   Births are supposed to go well, aren't they?

Blackout by Devo79   Xander brings his young daughter to Angel and Spike when he's dying.   Warning: Major character death

The Cost of Butterfly Kisses by Lit Gal   Xander's been a bad boy, and Spike is about to figure out how to make the most of it

Family by Velvet Crypt   A death creates a family.

Family of More by Bohofemm   Their small family suddenly grows bigger.

Feral!verse by Devo79   The Initiative mix DNA from Xander and Hostile 17 to impregnate a young human woman, creating a hybrid child.

Fine Tuned by Randy Sex Kitten   &   Kyrieane   Xander has a secret that Spike discovers, but doesn't exploit. A year later, Anya has left Xander and Spike is there to help.

Here We Go Again by RogueSpike   Spike's pregnant again, and this time it's twins! Sequel to Mysterious Child

I'd Still Do Anything For You by Raihne  Spike and Xander have set off a prophecy that Ethan Rayne wants to take advantage of.   mpreg. Sequel to: Anything For You

Misconception by IamtheLizardQueen   Xander's life was tough enough, and then he got pregnant. Spike tries to benefit from Xander's predicament, but there are some nasty side effects to constantly being around each other, like they just might start to care...   mpreg.   wip

Missing by Jasonsnene   Anya is convinced that Xander is giving away her orgasms and retaliates by selling him into slavery.

A New Life by Creyr   Xander moves to the suburbs to be a house husband, but becomes fascinated by his neighbor, a reclusive writer. Human AU

Small and Scaly by Devo79   Xander finds an orphaned demon baby, Spike tries to take advantage.

What Makes My Da Sad by Kahuna Burger   It's amazing how much kids notice

Xander's Egg by Frk_werewolf   Xander awakens one morning to find a surprise waiting at his door, but no matter how hard he tries to get rid of it, he can't.