Green Filled Goodness


Spike knocked on the bathroom door.

"Go away."

"Don't be like that. Ya should know better'n to drink anything at Willie's that doesn't come straight out of a can or bottle."

"Don't you dare try to act like one bit of this is my fault."

"Yeah, I should've warned ya about that H'stess ale, but I thought th' green color migh've given ya a heads up."

"I thought it was some sort of demon holiday thing. The Irish drink green beer on St. Patrick's day."

"It's harmless."

"Harmless? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw..."

"It's temporary. Shouldn't last more'n a day or two."

"Why did you let me drink it?"

"Too good a joke to pass up, Pet. I'd been in the grocery store earlier, an' they're promotin' Shrek 2 with the Twinkies. When you grabbed that ale, you in your costume, I almost peed meself. I don't know why you're so upset."

"Spike, my come is green!"

"I have a box of those special Twinkies, an' I'll let you feed me both kinds of green, creamy filling."

The door opened. "You're sure the flavor isn't affected?"

"Why don't you smear one on me and find out?"

The End

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