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Part One

Xander pounded along the dark street, fear driving him faster than he thought possible. He wasn't going to make it. He knew it but ran anyway, head down gasping for breath. Behind him, the gang of demons were growling as they gained on him. He rounded a corner and sprinted through the parking lot leading to his apartment. He allowed himself a tiny sliver of hope as he sighted his building, then with a crash he was thrown to the ground by a flying tackle from behind.

He opened his mouth to yell for help but was kicked forcefully in the ribs, knocking the air out of him. Gasping for air he tried to scrabble up from the ground but the other demons had caught up. They fell upon him punching and kicking. He curled up into a ball desperately trying to hide from the blows then, with a sharp pain in his head, everything went black.

Spike heard the inhuman growls first, then the dull thuds. A grin spread across his sharp features as he broke into a run, heading towards the sounds. 'Nothing like a bit of a demon scrap for entertainment!' Reaching the gang he stopped with an evil smile.

"Who's first then, eh?" Not waiting for a reply he grabbed the nearest one by the horns and threw him into a nearby parked car. The remaining four turned to him at the sound of their companion sliding lifelessly down a windscreen. Leaving the unmoving shape on the ground they surrounded Spike growling angrily.

"That's right come to Daddy," Spike smirked. In a sudden blur of motion he took out three of them. The fourth looked at his fallen comrades then at Spike before turning and running back through the car park.

Spike was about to give chase when he heard a low moan from the shapeless mound behind him. He paused in indecision before sighing and turning to the victim.
"Prob'ly die anyway", he muttered with a last regretful glance in the direction of the fleeing demon.

Crouching down next to what appeared to be a man, he was surprised to see it making any noise at all. He lay face down, his clothes torn with every inch of (well muscled!?) visible skin covered in cuts and rapidly growing bruises. Trying to ignore the tantalizing smell of fresh blood, Spike rolled him and gave a start of surprise.


Xander opened his eyes with a brief unfocussed stare before lapsing back into unconsciousness.

Spike stared, his hands still on the warm body. All thoughts of drinking any leftover blood vanished. Without even realising what he was doing he took off his duster and covered the boy before gently picking him up. Looking around he realised they were almost at Xander's place. He quickly headed in that direction, trying to ignore the strange feelings stirring in him as he held the limp body close to his chest.

Reaching the building's door he struggled to get it open without dropping the boy. With a frustrated grimace he leaned back and kicked it in with a resounding crash. Hurrying up the stairs he at last reached Xander's door. He kicked it open without hesitation, heading to the bedroom where he carefully lay the still motionless boy down on the bed.

Spike stared at him, a puzzled frown gracing his angular features, before returning to shut what was left of the front door. Grabbing a bowl of warm water and a cloth on his way back he sat down next to Xander on the bed. He carefully cleaned his face and head looking for any serious injuries. Apart from a ton of cuts and bruises and one large egg on his hairline he seemed ok.

Spike sighed in relief, then started in surprise at himself. What did he care if the boy was ok? He didn't even like him … in fact they hated each other! Except that really didn't explain why he was feeling so protective of the boy. Spike forced down the urge to run his hands through that thick, dark hair. Instead he pulled his duster off the boy's chest and began to gently undo his shirt buttons. As more of Xander's broad chest was exposed, Spike saw the full extent of the beating the boy had taken. Purple and red weals punctuated with dried blood and oozing cuts covered every inch of his midsection. Spike grabbed the towel and the (now red) water and began dabbing at the worst of them, swearing all the while under his breath.

Xander heard the mutterings as if from a distance. As he gradually gained consciousness he became aware of the pain. So much pain! His entire body was burning! He let out a low whimper as something pressed against his chest. Slowly opening his eyes, it took a moment to focus. He was looking into a pair of piercingly clear, blue eyes. Blinking, he tried to work out what was going on. Then it all came back to him in a rush. Running, demons, pain and fear. The fear most of all! This time he wasn't going to get lucky. They would kill him! He would die - he had to get away!

Spike saw the rush of terror in those deep brown eyes, just a moment before Xander's body went rigid, then began trembling all over. "It's ok, it's alright now luv, you're safe, I won't let anything hurt you," Spike leant down to cradle the trembling boy close to his chest, steadfastly ignoring the voice in his head asking what the hell he was doing. He felt the trembling slowly dissipate, then the body sagged beneath him. "Xander?" Lifting back slightly to look into Xander's face, Spike realised he had closed his eyes again, but in sleep this time rather than unconsciousness.

Shocked at the pain which had seared through him at the sight of Xander's terror, Spike shut his own eyes. This was not good. Why was the boy affecting him like this? Opening his eyes again he gazed down at the sleeping body beneath him. God he really was a mess, Spike thought to himself. A mess with beautiful, thick, wavy hair he was dying to run his hands through! With a shake of his head, Spike returned to his ministrations. Xander stayed asleep, stirring only slightly when Spike rolled him over to remove the remainder of his shirt and carefully cleanse his back. As he finished he realised he should probably tell the Scoobies what had happened.

Padding soundlessly out to the telephone, he was just reaching for the handset when a terrified scream rang out. Dropping the phone, he raced back to the bedroom where he found Xander sitting bolt upright on his bed, his unfocussed eyes huge and terrified, great shudders running through his body.

Not knowing what else to do, Spike sat down next to the shaking boy and pulled him into his arms. Holding tightly he murmered, "S'ok Xan, s'ok, you're safe now," over and over like a bizarre mantra, as the shudders slowly subsided.

"Spike?" Xander asked incredulously, stiffening as he realised who was holding him. Then as another shudder racked his body, he gave up and curled into the vampire, sobbing quietly.

Part Two

Spike awoke to the grey light of approaching dawn and a dull ache in his arm. He shifted slightly trying to alleviate the pain and felt a warm body burrow deeper into his side. He pulled the body in closer and opened his eyes to gaze down at … Xander? … What the hell?… Oh yeah he remembered now … It was strange, this ought to feel awkward but somehow felt just right. He pressed his face into Xander's hair and breathed in the sweet human scent of him – also the smell of dried blood, strawberry shampoo and … pheremones? Suddenly he noticed he was hard … very hard! And if he wasn't mistaken there was a firm shaft jutting into his leg as well!

Spike lifted his thigh, lightly pressing against Xander's hardness. He felt Xander push back into him in response and moan lightly in his sleep. Slowly Spike shifted his free hand down and was about to grasp Xander's rounded buttock when he felt the boy stirring. The realisation of what he was doing suddenly hit Spike and not knowing what else to do, he quickly feigned sleep – just as Xander stirred to wakefulness.

"Stay asleep, stay asleep," Xander tried to tell himself, but it was no good. The large breasted Swedish triplets in his dream faded away. Damn! And he had a raging hard on too! Pressing up against…? What the … ? Warily he cracked one eye open then shut it again. It was just Spike. Yep he'd had this dream before. It had stopped being so strangely disturbing after the first ten times and he kind of looked forward to them now. Except in his usual dream Spike had less clothes on and Xander was usually asleep… "Argghh!" With a decidedly unmanly yelp, Xander leapt back and promptly fell off the bed. "What the hell is going on!?" he squeaked, then groaned when his body finally got the message through to his shocked brain that he was in pain and lots of it.

"You 'k there boy?" asked a familiar voice.

Embarrassed and confused, Xander scrambled up to gape at the vampire sitting on his bed, "Don't call me 'boy' and what the hell were you doing, you, you …" lost for words, Xander settled for glaring at him.

Spike just looked at him for a second, gold flecks glowing in his unreadable gaze. "You're bloody welcome!" he spat, before striding out the door, his tight, black t-shirt stretching over tense muscles. Xander sank back down onto the bed.

Xander was still sitting there trying to process the events of the previous evening when the phone rang, startling him. "Uh, Willow … hi."

An hour later he was being fussed over by two witches and a slayer. He'd filled them in on the events of the previous night – leaving out a few details such as him crying like a baby and Spike comforting him. Listening to the girls' exclamations of surprise over Spike's being so helpful, he began to feel really bad about how he had treated Spike when he woke up. That was another detail he hadn't shared with his friends. He wasn't sure he was ready to admit to himself that he had been cuddling a vampire while sporting a raging hard on, let alone share that little tidbit of information with anyone else!

Xander gazed out his window at the setting sun. The girls had wanted him to come home with them but Xander put on his usual goofy grin and insisted that he would be fine. He'd really thought so too, but now it was getting dark and he was all alone and what if they came back to finish the job!

"Damn it" he exclaimed to himself, "it's not as if I haven't been beaten up before."

Except he had been by himself and those demons had come straight for him (well that part wasn't so unusual, he thought with a grimace) and he had really thought he was going to die. He would have if Spike hadn't turned up. Thinking of the vampire, something occured to him. Spike hadn't had his duster on when he left. Heading into his bedroom, Xander found it on the floor next to the bed where he had fallen. Picking it up he caressed the soft, worn leather. Then, without thinking, he brought it up to his face and inhaled the distinctive scent of old leather and Spike. Instantly he felt safer … protected somehow. Holding the duster to his face he thought about different smells that triggered memories for him. Drifting off in a sea of memories he didn't register the encroaching night until he glanced up into almost total blackness.

Irrational fear leapt into his throat and he practically ran around the apartment turning on all the lights and locking all the doors and windows, duster still clutched unnoticed in his hand. With nothing left to do he tried to stay calm and think happy thoughts but his mind kept drifting back to those menacing growls. Shivering, Xander backed into the corner of the living room and slowly sank to the floor.

Part Three

From where he was lurking outside the apartment block, Spike sensed the blood pounding terror emanating from upstairs. Without thinking he sprinted through the main doors and up the stairs. Reaching Xander's door he tried in vain to open it before hissing in frustration and kicking it in yet again. Heading straight for the pounding heartbeat, he found Xander huddled in a corner, clutching his duster for dear life.

"Xan?" Spike asked quietly.

Xander started at the sound and managed to focus on Spike's face. Smiling shakily, he began to stand up. "Um…yep…ya know…just relaxing here with my wall an' all…"

Spike just looked at him, a strange expression softening his sharp features.

Xander suddenly realised his cheeks were wet and ducked his head, dashing the tears away in embarrassment. "What do you want anyway, Fangless? Come to have a laugh at pathetic Xander?"

Not looking up, Xander missed the flash of hurt in Spike's blue gaze before it hardened into anger.

"Just came for me duster, doughnut boy," Spike replied sharply, holding out a black nailed hand.

"Wha..?" Xander glanced down and realised he was still tightly clutching the offending garment. "Oh yeah…um sorry." Reluctantly he passed it back to Spike, lowering his eyes once again in embarrassment.

However, when the blond turned to leave Xander jerked his head up and blurted, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean … don't go … please Spike don't…" Hearing the desperation in his tone, Xander clamped his mouth shut. Waiting for Spike to turn around and laugh or belittle him or anything ... 'Just please don't leave me alone' Xander silently begged.

"Right then," was the quiet reply, before Spike turned back to look at him.

The shock of Spike's easy acquiescence stopped Xander for a moment. Once Spike's reply finally sank in he slumped back against the wall in relief, instantly feeling safer and more relaxed. 'Spike makes me feel safe? An evil mass murderer makes me feel safe? Boy, am I twisted!'

Spike was still looking at him, giving no clue what was going on behind that impenetrable gaze.

"Um…do you want a beer?" Xander asked, not quite sure what to do now he had his wish.

Spike's trademark smirk broke the growing tension, "Never turned one down yet, pet".

As Xander made his way to the kitchen, he took the opportunity to try to calm himself down. Once his heart rate was somewhere close to normal he grabbed a couple of beers, returning to find Spike sprawled on his couch, his duster draped over its arm.

He passed a bottle to Spike before opening his own and sitting down uncomfortably on the chair across from him. Xander opened his mouth to speak before realising he had no idea what to say. He really wanted Spike to stay for a while but was scared to say anything in case he drove him away. Looking down at his beer, he missed Spike eyes flicking over him in assessment. A couple of minutes passed in uneasy silence, broken only by Spike's drinking and Xander's toying with his bottle.

Xander suddenly jerked to his feet, startling the vampire.

"So …um Spike do you mind if I grab a quick shower? It's just I haven't since…well since you know…last night and all and the girls were here all day and I couldn't with them here except I guess I could but not really you know and I kinda stink and…" Xander trailed off in embarrassment.

Spike's mouth twitched as though he were trying to suppress a laugh at Xander's babble. "No worries, luv - I know you want to look your best for me," he added with a grin.

Xander smiled at the typical Spike-like response, relaxing a little for the first time that evening. "Back in a mo'. Make yourself at home," he replied.

Heading to the shower he considered what he had said. 'Oops probably shouldn't have told the evil undead to make himself at home!' But, strangely, he trusted Spike. Or not so strangely considering the vampire had saved his life and looked after him. He had only figured out how much Spike had done for him -- cleaning and patching him up -- when he got dressed while waiting for his friends to arrive. He was injured pretty much all over, but all the blood had been cleaned off and the deeper cuts had been taped closed. Spike had done a very thorough job and had then comforted him when he freaked out.

Whatever the guy's motive, Xander knew he had thank him. Evil undead or not, he had done a helluva lot more for Xander than most people in his life had ever done.

Still pondering the strangeness that was his life, Xander got into the steaming shower, wincing as the spray hit his many cuts and abrasions.

Part Four

Ten minutes and a hot, soothing shower later, Xander was feeling a lot more like himself. Shucking on an old pair of sweat pants he didn't bother with a shirt, figuring it would be better to leave his wounds uncovered. He wandered out to the lounge room, towelling his hair dry as he went. Throwing his towel over a chair, he turned to see Spike asleep on the couch. He looked surprisingly younger and softer in repose.

Xander took the opportunity to really look at the creature who had saved his life. Spike's lean body was draped across the couch. The long, dark lashes resting over sharp cheek bones. The soft, pouty bottom lip surrounded by the delicate line of his jaw. Xander had never tried to put a name to Spike's looks before, but he had to concede that, male or not, the vampire was beautiful.

He took a soft step forward and was unsurprised when Spike flicked his eyes open, his body subtly tensing – as if ready to leap into battle.

When Spike saw Xander he smiled sheepishly and relaxed again, still half asleep.

Xander gave a small grin in reply, "haven't slept in a while, hey?" He came over to sit next to Spike on the couch, not really expecting an answer.

Spike, his defences lowered by sleep, reached out to touch Xander's chest, "you're looking better already." They both jerked back at the spark that shot through them at the contact. "Sorry," Spike offered in surprised embarrassment. He leaned back into the couch in an attempt at casualness. "So … you gonna tell me 'bout last night?"

Xander was surprised to find he really did want to talk to Spike about it. It was the last thing he had wanted to do with his friends and he'd successfully changed the topic when they had asked. Spike on the other hand had already seen pretty much everything and hadn't ridiculed him once, even when he came in to find Xander cuddling his duster!

Decision made, he looked up into Spike's gaze.

"I was working late last night – three of my crew were off sick and we needed to get the section finished. It was already dark when I left. On the way home I cut through one of the parks when I thought I heard someone following me. I figured it was just a vamp, so I um … kinda told it to either come out and play or get lost. I … ur … might of said something about it's mother too." Xander smiled ruefully at Spike. "It was pretty stupid I guess, but it'd been a long day and I was annoyed about not even being able to walk home in peace for once. Anyway I turned around to find four huge, scaly demons with horns glaring at me." Xander felt the fear creep up on him as he relived the moment. Swallowing strongly he continued, his eyes focusing on the loose thread on his sweats he was nervously pulling on. "Well … I tried the Xander sorry babble but they just looked even more mad, if that was possible. I figured my best bet would be to run like hell and hope I ran into Buffy. I think the only reason I got away then, was they were still trying to figure out what I was saying! Well, … then I ran as fast as I could … but I knew … I knew this time I was on my own. There was no slayer backup coming and there was no way I could out-run four pissed off demons. Then I was nearly at my building when…" Xander stopped in horror. "Oh my God! They saw where I was going! They'll come here! We have to go! Spike…" Xander grabbed at Spike frantically, not even registering that Spike was speaking until the familiar words finally penetrated his panic, "Oy, Harris!" Xander froze and looked into Spike's concerned gaze.

"Xander, they're not coming back." Spike said firmly.

"Uh … they're not?"

"I got rid of three of them while you were unconscious and itrackeddownthelastonewhenilefthere," Spike mumbled.

A relieved smile slowly broke out on Xander's face as he deciphered Spike's mumbled words. Years of experience with Willow babble did come in handy at times. Then he thought for a second. "You did that for me?" he asked with a wondering look.

Spike avoided Xander's gaze in embarrassment. "Nah course not … I just… ur … I …"

Xander gave Spike his special hundred watt grin. "Wow! Thanks!" Then he impulsively leaned forward and gave Spike a hug. "And thanks for everything else too…really thanks," he added softly into Spike's ear.

Spike was too stunned for a moment to do anything. Sure, he'd seen the Scoobies being all touchy feely before but it had never included him. In fact it had been so long since anyone had just held him, he'd forgotten how good it felt. At the sound of Xander's heartfelt words, Spike allowed himself to relax into the embrace and hold the young man in return.

'Weird how well we fit together,' Xander thought to himself. As he breathed in the unique smell he knew was Spike, he finally realised what the strange feeling in his chest was. He felt safe … like he was home. 'Which I am, since I'm sitting in my living room!' he silently chuckled to himself. Not wanting to let go, he figured, with everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, he was just going to let himself do what felt good for once. And being held by Spike felt good … really good!

Spike felt the slight tensing of the body in his arms but, rather than moving away, Xander snuggled deeper into his arms (heedless of his bruises), ducking his head into the crook of Spike's neck. The warm breath ghosting across his neck, along with the fresh, pure fragrance of Xander was enough to stir up the feelings of that morning all over again.

Xander felt all the tension in his body drain away, to be replaced by something new. Not thinking, just feeling, Xander began to lightly knead Spike's well muscled back, nuzzling into his neck like a puppy. He waited for any negative response, but apart from a slight increase in the tension in Spike's arms, he did nothing. Throwing caution to the wind, Xander snuck out the tip of his tongue to taste Spike's cool skin. Just as he had hoped it was like the smell of Spike, only stronger and somehow more "Spike".

Spike gave an involuntary shiver at the feel of that warm tongue on his sensitive neck, before gently pulling back to look Xander in the eye. The deep, brown eyes that gazed back at him were a little wary, but clearly reflected the growing desire he knew Xander could see in his own gaze. With a slight smile he leaned forward to teasingly lick Xander's full bottom lip. Xander smiled back at him as he opened his mouth to deepen the contact. With a low groan, Spike dived into the warmth that was Xander. He fiercely plundered the warm mouth, but managed to keep the arms he had slipped around Xander gentle and reassuring. Slowly they moved, never separating, until Xander was stretched out on the couch with Spike above him. Spike paused in his ministrations, to gaze carefully into Xander's warm eyes. Seeing nothing but passion reflected there, he smiled tenderly at Xander before lowering his weight over the willing body spread out before him.

"Ok pet?" Spike whispered, while ghosting his tongue over Xander's bare chest.

"Oh yeah, don't stop" Xander managed to gasp out as Spike licked his taut nipple.

Spike chuckled lightly from his position, "I meant the bruises and wot not, pet," but didn't cease his licking and sucking across Xander's broad chest.

"Um yep, they're good too, everything's good, everything's…Oh!" Xander broke off with a startled gasp as Spike rubbed his jean clad groin across the bulge in Xander's sweat pants. Giving up any pretence of being able to speak, Xander grabbed Spike's firm ass, 'Oh yeah – very nice!' and pulled him down to get more of that delicious friction.

Spike nearly bit his tongue as Xander's warm hands massaged his butt. Gasping with pleasure he dove in for a deep kiss, all the while grinding down as Xander squirmed beneath him. They kissed passionately as Xander's hands held Spike close. A second later they were both gasping as first Xander, then Spike, moaned out his completion.

As Spike collapsed bonelessly on top of him, Xander lifted his arms to wrap them around the vampire's back. 'My Vampire' he thought with an exhausted grin. 'Who kills demons for me and looks after me and makes me feel safe.' "Ah, … Spike?" he whispered.

"Mmmm?" was the muffled response.

"How's about we clean up in the shower, then take this somewhere more comfortable … like the bed?"

Spike lifted his head to grin down at him – a genuine, happy, non-smirking, Spike grin.

"Sounds like a plan, pet … just as soon as I can feel my legs again."

The End

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