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Spike Never Means What he Says


Spike never means what he says.

"I don't give a toss what you think of me!" after Angel gives him another look of disgust, one more pitiful shake of his head. It means, "I hope you think I don't care what you think of me."

"As much as you think so, I don't plan my bloody existence around making you miserable," said with a smirk, with a look that says 'you self centered arsewipe', means "I spend most of my waking moments trying to come up with another way to piss you off."

"You're no fun anymore." He says it petulantly, like a child, pout on his lips and faux sorrow in his eyes. It means "You're definitely a lot more pleasant than you used to be."

"I had her last," he says, cocky, at the end of an argument, posturing like he's worth something, holding on to the fact that for a moment in time he felt so close to a human being that he was afraid. Except it only means, "You had her best, you fucking cunt."

"Stop smiling, it's sodding weird," he says, frowning. That means, "I want to bite your fucking lips until they bleed."

"I wish I'd never laid eyes on you," he mumbles, leaning in until his forehead meets Angel's chest. It really means, "I'm thankful I'm not alone."

"I hate you, you stupid fuck," growled low, then followed with a gasp and strangled cry when Angel thrusts inside. "Fucking love you."

The End

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