Because drives me crazy. My inner fangurl wrote some post Chosen fic. Spuffy 4-eva!!!

I didn't like the way the show ended so i thought id rite this. it's my very first fanfic.

Title: The love that concered the first EVIL
Author: Princess Green Kittykatbladestar
Distribution: I don't know what this is, but I always see it on fanfics. if you know what it is plaese tell me.
Rating: PG-13?
Pariing: SPUFFY 4EVA!!!111
Disclimer: i see this a lot too but it dont know it ether.

Green Writes Badfic

Xanphibian (aka Green)

Angel and Buffy were kissing and Buffy pulled away. "What do you think your doing Angel? I don't love you anymore, I love Spike!" Spike heard Buffy say this because he was watching in the shadows with the first evil, the most worst BIG BAD the scoobies had ever faced. "Oh, thank bloody Jesus that Buffy doesn't love that poof." Spike said to the First Evil. The First Evil snarled and lunged at him but she was incorperal incoperel encorporal wasn't solid and couldn't hurt him. the first EVIL went right threw the beautiful blond vampire and screamed. "The love! The love!" and fell down.

Buffy and Angle heard the First evil and came running. "Oh no its the first evil!" buffy exalted. "Spike are you hurt? of course you aren't hurt, your a big badass vampire and the First Evil is incom not solid! Oh no how long were you here did you see Angel kiss me? I would never kiss him back I don't love him, I never did, he's too tall and his hare looks like it was cut by a lawnmower."

"But Buffy you always said he was your first love and that you would always hold a specail place in you're heart for him!!!" cried Spike.

"I was young and foolish, my love. I see now that our romance was doomed from the beginnins and that I only love you. you are my soulmate.'

"What?" Angle asked. "But Spke tried to rape you last season!" "how did you know about that?" buffy said. "Zander called me and wanted me to come dust spike, but I was in a box in the bottom of the coean. Angel explained.

"Spike never tried to rape me, he was just trying to make me love him and he stopped when he saw what he was doing. (A/N: This subgect makes me uncomftable and I don't think I'm gonna mention it again. Just pretend that the episode (I can't remember what it was called, I cant never remember the names of them) never happened and Spike went and got his soul because he wanted to be Buffy's soulmate just like Angel was but better because he's cool. he smokes and says bloody and git and has nice abs, so he's better than angel. and his hair is always slicked down instad of sticking up. so hes a better boyfriend. and he didn't leave like angel did and broke buffy's heart.)

"what is wrong with the First EVIL?" Angel said. the first evil was rithing on the ground in aginy. "Oh, the love the love!!!!!" the First evil said. "what bloody love are you talking about you git? Spike said. "When I passed through the vampire the love inside his soul for buffy the vampire slayer touched me and now I am dying!!!!!"

"You mean now there's no more evil left on earth?" angel asked.

"yes, our love for each other has overcome the greatest villian we have ever faced!!!!" buffy excliamed. she rushed into spikes arms and they kissed.

The End

Pleez, NO FLAMEZ!!!!!!!!!!11111

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