Ladycat: you're the plot-goddess, sweet. I'll follow your lead ;-)
Green: oh. um. okay.
Ladycat: sorry, I'm not good at that :-(
Ladycat: do we want to write smut? Or not smut?
Green: I don't know.
Green: something.
Green: *sigh*
Ladycat: lol
Green: I think Spike should turn into a gerbil.
Ladycat: ... ?
Green: I'm kidding!
Ladycat: ::gooses you::
Green: I seriously have no idea what to write
Ladycat: okay :-P
Ladycat: ::considers::
Green: I think we should write a story about our Spike and Xander muses.
Ladycat: !! okay :-)
Green: and how/why they're not giving us any ideas.

Dirty Meta Muse Porn!

Lady Cat and Xanphibian {Green}

Xander folded his arms and glared. "Spike. You've lived with me for how many years now? Do I just roll over and play dead when you drop your pants? Because I'm thinking no. I'm thinking normally, I tell you to cover that thing before I go blind. I'm not a puppy!"

Green's Xander glared at Ladycat's Xander. "Excuse me, but I think I'm supposed to say that."

Ladycat's Xander rolled his eyes. "Fine! You say it! So long as I don't get treated like a pet again!"

"I don't want us being treated like a pet, either. And I'm tired of being the bottom boy. So I'm talking." Both Xanders turned and glared at Spike.

Spike smirked. "But you're both so ... bruisable. Makes me feel all vampire-like again to see you suckin' me off or letting me fuck you."

"And that's another thing!" G's Xander said. "You're a vampire. It's like I forget that the second you get all ... sexy. And you aren't that sexy, you know. That tongue thing you do? Kinda gross," he lied, folding his arms.

"Oh, such a big boy you are," Spike mocked. He glanced over at L's Xander, unsurprised to see him mimicking the same position and glare. Well, then, he'd just have to get creative. "Sure you don't like it, then? When I lay you down and slide right in, and you're so soft and warm around me? Stretchin' you both wide and full. You don't like that?"

Unaffected, Xander turned his nose up. "Tired of that."

Hm. "Well, there's two of you an' one of me. Wouldn't mind being a sandwich, if you lads are up to it."

Green's Xander looked around. "Hey, where's Green's Spike?"

"That would be me," Green's Spike drawled, coming around the corner. "What's this about not wanting to give the girls material to write, hmm?"

All three protested at once, but L's Spike was the loudest. "I'm perfectly happy to give them material to write. Come on, top or bottom, you know we'll play it. S'not our fault the boy's are so delicious when they're all broken." He leered at the Xanders.

Green's Xander stamped his foot. "Tired of being broken!" he said. "I'm not broken, I don't want to be broken, and I don't need anyone to fix me!" He stared at the Spikes stubbornly. "And I don't need a daddy. Even if it is hot." He looked thoughtful and licked his lips, remembering the last time Spike had played Daddy. "I mean, at least, I don't need a daddy all the time."

L's Spike glanced at G's. Boy was so cute, stamping his foot. Grown up Spike's arse. Arses. "Well, maybe you'd like the be the Daddy, then? Show us who's boss then, yeah?"

G's Xander looked a little nervous. "Um ..." he glanced at L's. "Could we do that?" he whispered.

L's Xander gave him a scornful look. "Of course we can. I've done it plenty of times. Spike makes a nice bottom boy."

G's Xander's face lit up. "Oh! Oh! Idea!"

Two Spikes raised their eyebrows and a Xander gave him an expectant look. "Okay ... and this idea is?"

G's Xander grinned at L's Xander. "You can tell me what to do! I'll fuck Spike, and you can just stand over there and tell me how to do it."

Ooo. Now that had potential. L's Xander grinned the evil!hyena!sexy!grin and turned to the Spike's. "Sounds good to me. Okay, boys. Which of you wants to get fucked by him? The other one has ... options." He carefully didn't comment that G's Xander still wanted to take orders. He liked giving orders just fine, and, well, it was kind of hot ordering himself. And being able to watch.

G's Spike sat down. "Well, no one uses me much anyway. I'm not exactly a very good characterization. Uh, I mean, I'm not a bloody ... buggering ... something." He looked disgusted with himself.

L's Spike gave him a look. "You don't even sound British! Which, all right, I don't either sometimes, but come on! Look, chin up. Go suck off the other Xander while he's giving orders or sommat."

G's Spike shrugged. "Perhaps I'm ... William! And what sort of word is 'sommat'?" He sauntered over to L's Xander and fell to his knees, looking up expectantly, awaiting orders. He found he quite liked this version of Xander.

L's Xander met the eyes of L's Spike. They didn't need to say anything, understanding each other very well. Giving order or taking them was just fine for them. "You can be William if you want," L's Xander said. Instantly, G?s Spike lost the trademark punk!look: white locks grew longer and turned a golden brown; pale skin warmed to rose-and-milk complexion; and the leather duster disappeared in favor of a gentlemen?s tan slacks and a white button down shirt. Xander blinked at the change, then shrugged. "Xander, tell Spike to take off his clothes. And undo your jeans. And William ... " L's Xander glanced down and realized how young this version of Spike was. So wondering. Yum. "You take me out. Slowly."

G's Xander smirked at L's Spike. "Take your clothes off, bitch." The words weren't even out of his mouth before he turned horrified eyes to L's Xander. "Oh, sorry, wait ... uh, is that okay?" he asked nervously.

L's Xander had gone as still as L's Spike at the words. "Uh? No, no, that was good. Um, you can call him 'bitch' if you want to." His voice felt funny in his own throat. That could have been because William was slowly and nervously pulling the zipper down his pants, but he didn't think so. Because he got to see Xander -- himself -- call Spike a bitch. Wow. "Go on. Make him take his clothes off."

G's Xander swallowed hard and nodded. He turned back to L's Spike. "You heard me. Take your clothes off. Uh, bitch." When Spike looked away and started undressing, Xander tried valiantly to suppress his giggle.

L's Spike tried to look submissive and contrite. It was bloody hard, specially with both Xander's muffling giggles. He kept his head down and slowly tugged the shirt over his head. Pulled his zipper down tooth by tooth, watching G's Xander from underneath his lashes.

Meanwhile, William had managed to fumble his way around, getting L's Xander's cock out and into his hand. He stared up with wide, blue eyes and licked his lips with the tip of his pink tongue.

L's Xander glanced down when he was finally free and nothing happened. "Uh, you have done this before, right?"

William nodded slowly. "But ... for some reason, I'm feeling quite virginal right now." He dropped his voice to a whisper. "I think it's a kink of Green's."

L's Xander felt his pulse quicken and he licked his lips. "Um, that's okay. Good kink. We like Green's kinks. So, um, do you want to maybe stroke it a little? Just to get a feel for it? Like -- you've jerked yourself off, right? Try something you liked on me."

William blushed -- blushed -- and smiled shyly. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked his palm, then wrapped the spit-slick fingers around Xander's cock and stroked. "Like that?"

Xander, who'd almost completely forgotten about the other Xander at this point, groaned and let his head fall back a little. "Oh, yeah. Really good." His hands worked themselves into William's hair without conscious command, running his thumbs against the bumps and dips of William's skull. "Good Green-kink."

G's Xander felt his cock harden quite a bit at the sight. He turned back to a now-nude Spike and grinned. "I'm gonna fuck you," he said simply.

L's Spike looked around. "Well, the floor's kinda hard, but so long as I'm on the bottom --" which was taking care of his poor, breakable human still, but he didn't have to mention that. Because a bed magically appeared in the middle of the room. "Er. Right then. You want me belly up or down?"

His forehead wrinkly, G's Xander thought. He imagined Spike on his knees, sleek lines of his back beneath him, Xander running his hand up to tug on his hair as he fucked him ... Or on his back, legs over Xander's shoulders, watching his eyes go wide as he was filled ... "Uh, I can't decide. What do you think?"

"Isn't the whole point of this that you make the decisions?" Spike reminded. "Oh, never mind. Oi! Other Xander -- dammit, not calling you that. You got a name you want to be called other than 'other Xander'?"

'Other Xander' was trying not to hyperventilate as William slowly and hesitantly began stroking him, constantly requiring praise and reassurance that he was doing it right. It was magnificent and Xander was very happy that Ladycat often gave him the ability to regain an erection in a tiny amount of time. Because he was so close to coming. "Huh? Uh. William, baby, hang on a second, okay?" While William nervously halted, Xander shook his head. Hard. "You are not calling me Alex. No way. And Xander, you wanted to fuck Spike, right? So fuck him. Order him onto the bed, on his knees, and punish him like the bad little boy he is. Smack him a few times -- he really likes that. And you can always change positions, you know?"

"Oh!" Xander said. "Right." He turned back to Spike and smacked his face. Not hard, but enough to make Spike stop smirking. "Get on your hands and knees. Gonna show you who's the bitch around here."

Spike almost wanted to say 'Aw, how cute', and pinch this Xander's cheeks, but a quick glance toward the other Xander convinced him not to. And anyway, the more he got into his role, the more this Xander might get into his. "Yes, sir," he said meekly. Crawling on all fours onto the bed, he turned his head back to look at his Xander. "Sir? Like this, Sir?"

Xander did a quick glance back to the other Xander that pretty much said, 'Is he making fun of me?' but the other Xander was preoccupied with William, who'd just decided to start flicking that pretty little pink tongue across his cock head.

A loud crack sounded as Xander swung his arm and slapped Spike's ass. "Don't fucking patronize me, Spike."

The smack wasn't all that hard -- this was a human, after all -- but it enough that Spike gasped roughly. "Not patronizing you, Sir. Sorry, Sir."

Xander slapped Spike's ass again, then leaned down to lick the pinkened, sensitive skin.

Spike thrust backward against Xander's mouth. "I'm sorry, sir," he whimpered. "Don't mean to be so bad."

"Gonna teach you some manners, bitch," Xander said, looking around for lube. Suddenly, a bottle appeared beside his hand and he picked it up immediately. He flipped the top open and liberally applied some to his fingers. He grinned at Spike's back and pushed two fingers roughly into Spike's hole.

Spike arched and cried out, the intrusion just a little bit harsher than he'd been prepared for. "Yes, sir. I need lessons."

Xander smiled to himself. Spike was a vampire, after all. It wasn't like he could hurt him -- permanently, at least. Besides, he seemed to like this. A lot.

"Damn right, you need lessons," Xander said, twisting and scissoring his fingers quickly while slicking his cock with lube with his other hand. He was into position before he knew it, and he didn't pause to get instructions from the other Xander. He knew what he was doing, now.

Spike whimpered encouragingly, pushing back to the sounds of a cock being slickened and prepared. Fucking, being fucked, that never made any difference to him, so long as he enjoyed it and got off. And this Xander, trying so hard to be a Big Bad, was so bloody cute. "Yeah, fuck me, sir. Fuck me hard."

Xander narrowed his eyes, still quite sure he was being made fun of. He thrust inside, as hard as he could on his first try, closing his eyes and groaning. Spike clenched around him, tighter than anything he'd ever felt.

"Oh, jesus," Spike groaned. He wasn't pretending anymore, not the way Xander was shoving his way inside like he knew Spike's was his for the taking. "Just like that, Xan. Fuck me. Tell me who I belong to."

Xander pulled back a bit and pushed in again, harder this time. "Don't fucking tell me what to do," he growled out. "Gonna show you you're my little bitch." He thrust again -- harder, faster. "My slut."

Spike's cock twitch and started dripping. "Yes, sir," he panted, thrusting back to meet Xander. "I'm your bitch, sir. Fuck your bitch, please. Give your slut what he needs." Not quite obedient, but then, when was Spike ever obedient? Especially when provoking Xander got Spike this far.

Something in Xander broke and he reached up to grab a fistful of Spike's hair. He yanked viciously and fucked harder. "What ... did I say ... about fucking patronizing me?"

Oh, fuckin? yeah! Spike spread his knees wider for balance, rocking forward with each of Xander's vicious thrusts. "Not. I'm not, sir. I'm your bitch, do anything you want. Not patronizing you."

Xander growled and let go of Spike's hair to get a bruising grip on the vampire's hips. "Dammit, Spike, do you ever just shut the fuck up?" With all the strength he could muster, he started fucking Spike as wild and hard as he could. "Shut. Up. Spike!"
Shut up? Rarely. He liked hearing himself talk, and it was always a huge turn on. But when he was getting fucked like *this*? Spike dropped his head and shoulders to the bed and let Xander bang into him.

Xander tensed and came. (insert better description here)

(lol; you can do better, hon, you don't need me - have him shout or smack Spike again or something. Or, ooo, have him grab Spike's balls! Don't let Spike come too :-))

(you do it.)

Xander tensed. Spike had finally shut up and was just ... taking it. Letting Xander fuck him. Hot as hell. Driving even harder, Xander reached around to find Spike's balls and tugged them away from his body. "Don't come," he panted, and then came hard enough he saw spots in front of his eyes.

Spike bit his own forearm. The need to come was overpowering, tied directly to Xander's fierce enjoyment. But the boy had said no coming, clutching him so damned tightly it hurt, so no coming. "Yes, sir," he whimpered around the muscle.

Xander got his breath under control again and pulled on Spike. "Turn over," he said, crawling up to sit back against the headboard. He pulled Spike against his chest and dropped a hand down to absently stroke his cock. "Don't come," he whispered again in his ear. "Watch them."

Pleased, Spike scrunched down so he was surrounded by Xander, head tucked under the boy's chin. "Yes, sir," he breathed, making sure his ass was resting right on top of Xander's cock. Just in case. "Thank you, sir."

Xander playfully nipped Spike's neck, a little warning bite. "Hush. Watch William. Such a docile little boy, letting -- er, Xander -- fuck his face. You like the way that looks?"

Spike met the other Xander's eyes for just a moment. So hot. He nestled even closer to his Xander. "Yes, sir. Very much."

William heard the two men on the bed talking and it just served to turn him on further. He moaned around his Xander's cock and he had to reach up and grab onto his pant legs in order to steady himself.

"That's right, baby," Xander praised. "Hang on to me. Can you take more?" He'd watched the show with a great deal of enjoyment, but feeling William fumble uncertainly around his cock, licking and tentatively starting to suck ... He massaged William's scalp again. "Feels so good."

William lifted his eyes to Xander's face and sucked more of the man's length into his mouth. Xander's mumbled approval shot straight to his cock.

"Use your tongue," Xander coaxed. "Right under the head, baby, there's a place that feels incredible. Can you find it for me?"

William closed his eyes and concentrated, moving his tongue around experimentally, waiting for some indication that he was doing it right.

He was trying so hard. Soft pink lips sliding up and down as he hunted for what Xander was talking about, brows lowered so they almost touched. "Beautiful," Xander whispered. "You're -- yeah! Right there, baby, that's it. You got it just right."

William nearly purred with pleasure, he was so happy. He loved the sound of Xander's lust-roughened voice praising him.

His shoulders pressed against a wall -- he didn't know how it got there and didn't honestly care -- giving him the support he needed as William quickly got good at the things Xander had taught him. "Gonna thrust now, baby. I'll be gentle as I can, okay? Nod, baby, let me know it's okay."

William gave a nervous little nod, even as his cock twitched in his trousers.

Concentrating on not going too far too fast, Xander started thrusting. He didn't go very deep, but it still felt incredible.

Opening his eyes, William looked up for reassurance. He let his tongue caress the underside of Xander's cock with each shallow thrust while his cock throbbed in his pants.

Xander could feel William's need. Opening his eyes, he smiled and started petting him again. "You're doing so good, baby. I'm not hurting you, am I?"

Slight shake of his head and William was closing his eyes again, leaning forward to take Xander a little deeper. Hot, so hot in his mouth, skin smooth and tight around the hardness. William moaned again and unconsciously dropped a hand to rub himself through his trousers.

Xander caught the movement and groaned. "Oh, fuck. Take yourself out, baby. I want to see you jack yourself off while you suck me." He released Spike's head, cupping his jaw and rubbing his thumb over those sharp sharp cheekbones. Controlling -- just a little -- how far William bobbed over his cock.

William whimpered -- just a bit -- and managed to unbutton his fly. His cock slapped into his hand the moment it was free, painfully hard and red.

Xander thrust a little harder. He didn't want to frighten this pretty, virginal Spike, but he needed to move. Now. "Stroke yourself, baby. I want to watch you."

William wrapped his fingers around his cock and squeezed. The pressure made him moan again, and Xander's cock slipped a bit further into his mouth. He could feel it there, just short of gagging him, and he bobbed his head up and down a bit to show how much he could take. Precome dripped between his fingers as he waited for Xander's next move.

He looked so fucking pretty. So innocent, which was hardly ever a word Xander applied to Spike. Except this was William, not Spike, and William was an innocent. Letting someone else see that pretty flushed cock for the first time, touching it where others could watch. "Just like that, baby." He thrust just a little bit harder, going even deeper. "Look so good like that."

Groaning again, William felt himself about to come, totally turned on by pleasuring Xander. He probably could have came without the benefit of touching himself, but the rapidly quickening strokes pushed him over the edge until he was spilling all over his hand.

Embarrassed, he looked up at Xander. A blush spread over his face, and he hoped Xander wouldn't be angry with him.

Xander froze when William stiffened. He watched as William came all over his hands -- ice on pink and so pretty -- then looked up at him so nervously. Blushing and ashamed, like he'd done something wrong. Mouth still wrapped firmly around Xander's cock. He groaned and closed his eyes, mentally recounting the most disgusting thing he could think of to control himself.

William smiled in understanding around Xander's cock, and gave him an enthusiastic suck.

"Oh god, baby!" Xander started thrusting again. Couldn't help it. "Gonna come soon."

William put his hands at Xander's waist, little smears of come where jeans met flesh, and held on, letting the man fuck his mouth like he was owned.

If that wasn't a 'take me, I'm yours' position, Xander didn't know what one was. Moaning nearly continuously, he thrust even harder, faster, taking what William offered so sweetly. "Gonna come, baby. Don't have to swallow if you don't want to, but I gotta -- oh, god, baby -- " Xander stiffened, thrusting so hard he knew he was going to choke William, and came.

William's eyes watered as he struggled valiantly not to choke. Xander came hard down his throat, and he had no choice but to swallow, contrary to Xander's words, because the man was holding his head in place. William swallowed around the head of Xander's cock and tears rolled down his cheeks. He finally managed to pull away, gasping for breath.

Still panting Xander looked down to check -- and saw William's face wet with tears. "Oh, fuck. I'm so sorry, baby, I'm sorry." Kneeling in front of William he stroked his face and neck. "Did I hurt you?"

William bit his lip, sucking a stray drop of Xander's come into his mouth as he did so. He shook his head. "I'm okay," he rasped quietly.

You just felt so damned good," Xander continued, barely even hearing William's words. "Had to come, baby, I had to."

Little shy smile and William leaned into Xander's still-petting hands. "I know."

Xander was kissing that shy little smile before he realized he needed to. "You're okay?"

William nodded and kissed Xander back, soft and warm and tentative.

Backing up a little, Xander started smiling. "Have you kissed anyone before?"

William ducked his head and blushed. "N-no ..."

Xander groaned and kissed him. "Gonna teach you how to do that, too, baby. And teach you how to fuck ... "

The slow, but enthusiastic clapping made Xander and William remember their audience. Spike smirked at them. "Very pretty. Specially liked the bit about teaching -- you two should have your own story about that."

The Xander holding Spike (who had just finished licking the vampire's come from his sticky fingers) smacked him. "Don't embarrass him any more. I'm sure they'll get their own fic; Green and Ladycat had a bit too much fun watching them just now to not want to write them."

Spike instantly lowered his head. "Yes, sir," he said meekly. Grinning broadly.

Xander smacked him again.

Whimpering happily, Spike lost the smile and curled up in Xander's lap.

"Good boy," Xander said, appreciating how ridiculous that sounded coming from him. Spike didn't seem to mind, though, humming at the praise.

William and Xander stood and walked over to the bed, and William gave his Xander an expectant look.

Xander crawled up next to his twin, tugging William into his lap. "You," he said firmly, "are a very good boy. And you don't require any smacking, so hey, plus."

"Ooh, ooh, can we have a fic where I get to be all Big Bad Dom guy?" G's Xander said with childish enthusiasm.

"Only if I get to have more fun with William," L's Xander countered. "I like being all boyfriend-like again."

Green's Spike/William gave his Xander a brilliant smile. "And ... I like not having to top for a change." He blushed again and nuzzled against Xander's neck.

L's Xander cuddled William close. He didn't bother checking with Spike -- so long as Spike was fucked, he was happy. Instead, he turned to the shadowed end of the room. Occasional giggles could be heard from there. "Well, ladies? You wanted something to write - is this enough?"

Green and Ladycat looked at each other.

"Fine, fine," Green said.

Ladycat growled. "Pushy muses!"

"Oh, no, it's your muses who are the pushy ones."

"Huh. Can't actually argue that one. Okay!"

The End

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