Rating: NC17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Spike can't help but annoy his Sire even if its a bad idea...
A/N: Not excatly sure when this is set. Some time in season four. Alternate time line I guess.



Spike ran cool fingers over the warm flesh of Xander's neck. Body pressed up against the back of his boys as they surveyed their surroundings. The club was loud and busy, music pounding in the vampire's chest like that of a false heart. The crowd a mix of vampires, demons, their pets and other critters and creatures of the dark. Spike felt right at home. Xander on the other hand wasn't fairing as well. They had managed to escape Sunnyhell by way of worldly mission and were to meet up with Angel in LA. So here they were, where they were supposed to be and waiting for the older Vampire to make an appearance.

A demon eyed Xander and Spike transformed to show his claim on the boy. He was still unable to officially claim him thanks to the horrid bit of spidery metal that refused to let him be who he was. He nuzzled the warm neck allowing blunt teeth to run over the sweet skin, Xander shivered. Spike couldn't understand how he was able to even let his teeth anywhere near Xander's neck. A month or two ago the chip wouldn't have even allowed that but he figured he wouldn't count his eggs and whatnot.

He and Xander had gotten together a bit after Spike started living in the basement with him. Chairs and rope did a lot to a hormone driven boy like him. The demon chit was soon old news and Spike had gotten control of that brilliant warmth. Kept an eye out for the bint course. Being a vengeance demon again you couldn't be too careful but she didn't even put up a fight. Something that had puzzled Xander into a right state for ego boosting comfort. Some ice cream and fuckin’ later and it was forgotten.

Spike ran a cool hand up Xander's tee-shirt front and the boy's head fell against his shoulder. "Not here Spike." He said *very* unconvincingly. He moaned as the slim fingers ran over a nipple. When Angel found them Xander was a mess. Hair disheveled, eyes glazed over, panting, the works. Spike had timed his Sire's arrival perfectly.

He had called Angel a few months ago to explain the situation and much to his annoyance to settle his demon by asking his Sire for permission. There was this whole ritual thing when a Master wanted a consort. Of course he couldn't actually take one, being unable to final the claim. He wouldn't have even bothered to ask Angel for permission had his demon not been makin’ such a fuss.

But the torture of calling and having Angel laugh was all worth it when he revealed just who he had laid claim on. He could hear the growl wanting to emerge from Angel as the vampire gave his formal approval. Angel had always had a thing for the boy and Spike was happy to be able to take that away.

"Spike." The vampire greeted vehemently, "Xander." He said unable to look the boy in the eyes. Xander pushed away from Spike embarrassed to be found like this by Angel. And also scared because none of the gang knew about his and Spike's relationship.

Spike smiled smugly knowing damn well the boy's scent was all over him.

"Hey Angel." Xander said still not quite over his hatred for the vampire but working on it for everyone’s sake.

"Why did you want to meet here of all places, Spike?" Angel asked looking around. The place was noisy and crowded and definitely not his scene. Excatly why Spike had choose it.

"What's wrong, *mate*? Don't you like this place?" Spike sat on a bar stool and pulled Xander against him not allowing the boy to shrug him off. I few well placed hands and body parts and Xander wasn't making much of an effort to escape. Angel feigned disgust but Spike could tell what the other vampire was really thinking. He had known Angelus far to long, and Angel was really not all that different no matter what the Slayer and her little gang thought. He lightly stroked at the bulge in Xander's trousers and watched as Angel took in an unneeded breath.

"It's certainly not a good place to do business." Angel responded shifting himself to try and hide the bulge in his own pants from Xander. Should know Xander couldn't care right now if a demon elephant was trampling over innocents out on the streets. Boy was lost and Spike took pleasure in doing it to him.

"Who said tonight was business night?" Spike asked smoothly, running a cool tongue over Xander's overheated neck. He noticed his Sire shiver and grabbed at Xander's arousal again inciting a groan.

"So why'd you call me." Angel cleared his throat.

And Xander snapped out of the trance enough to realized where he was again. He moved Spike's hand away reluctantly and turned to his lover. "Please, not here."

Spike stroked and licked one more time before letting the boy go. "Right. Well, cause you need to get out more. Besides we need somewhere to crash."

"Should've know." Angel said turning to look out upon the crowd. "And I would want to help you, why?"

Spike smiled at Xander and pat the boy on his backside. Xander swallowed, "Well we don't really have anywhere else to go and we're low on cash. Buffy thought you might help but I guess she was wrong. That’s fine we can find something."

Angel turned sharply. "No! I mean, no that won't be necessary. You can come to my place. There's plenty of room." The vampire turned around again back facing his Childe and the boy.

Xander turned to Spike grinning widely. Spike was amused but unsurprised that his plan had worked. Course Xander probably believed it was because he had mentioned Buffy, but Spike new the truth. Angel was weak, Xander his weakness. Don't get him wrong the boy was his. He wasn't using him to get back at his Sire, though it was a fun bonus, he actually liked the brunette. A lot actually.

They followed Angel out of the club and they all walked pretty much silently to his place. The apartment under the office wasn't all that big but it was good enough.

"I only have one room." Angel said addressing Xander.

"Thats cool-"

"You can have it." He interrupted. "It's over here." The Vampire led Xander into the bedroom and then showed him around the place.

Spike chose to raid the kitchen for a snack. The microwave dinged just as Angel led Xander into the kitchen. "Spike that's mine." He said referring to a mug with his name printed on the side that Spike was using to drink his blood out of.

"Your's is mine an all that." Spike said taking a drink of the dark contents. "Had a good tour, pet?" He asked Xander.

The boy smiled taking a seat at the table. "Yep, know every bit of this place."


Xander looked towards Angel. "Got any food? Haven't had anything in a while. And I'm out."

"Told you to stop eatin' it on the ride here. Not that that junk could be classified as food anyway."

"Hey I take offense. Everything in that bag was food."

"No everything in that bag was sugar, luv."

Xander shrugged. "Whatever you want to believe."

"Believe Xan? I think you know-"

"Don't think Cordie left anything." Angel interrupted. He walked over to the fridge looking at the lack of contents inside. "Nothing really but eggs. You could order in. Pizza maybe?"

Xander thought it over. "Actually I'm kinda *now* hungry so I'll make some egg something."

"Should order that pizza too." Spike said in Angel’s direction. "Boy's never satisfied." He licked the blood off his lips, knowing Angel got his insinuation.

"I can do it." Angel said ignoring Spike. "Think there's some meat in here. I can make you an omelet."

"Cool. Thanks."

"Just make your pizza order. There's a number by the office phone upstairs. Along with a card for the address of this place. Buy whatever you like. It's on me."

"O-kay." Xander said looking over at Spike. "Anything?"

The vampire shook his head.

"Okay then. I'll be back." Xander made his way out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Now what is that all about?" Spike asked looking at the other vampire who was continuing to ignore him. "Acting pretty nice-nice with my boy there. Wonder why."

"Stop, Spike." Angel took out a few eggs and some meat, setting up the stove to cook.

"Why? Did I hit a nerve?"

"I'll hit a nerve if you don't shut up." The clang of the frying pan hitting the surface echoed in the room.

"Bit testy, mate?"

"Quit it, Spike. I'm not your mate nor do I even want you here. You'll spend the day, get what you need and then be off. Got it?"

Spike was about to reply when he heard Xander's footfalls on the steps. The boy walked back into the room noticing the tension. "Everything alright?" he asked knowing that it wasn't.

"Totally, luv." Spike said taking the boy in his arms and kissing him. Xander moaned as Spike pressed against him, opening his mouth to allow Spike's tongue entrance. He let it go on for a little longer before gently pushing his lover away.

"So whatcha making?" He sat at the table.

"Made." Angel corrected placing a plate in front of him.

"Mmm, smells good. Thanks." He began to devour the contents as Angel grabbed a bag of blood to prepare for himself and Spike finished his own. The blonde dumped the mug in the sink and went to sit by his lover. Angel, shoulders tense, fists clenched walked over to the sink and cleaned it.

When Xander was done Spike turned to his Sire. "Got a workin’ shower in this place?" He asked. "Boy needs a bit of a wash."

"I know where it is." Xander said getting up. He placed his plate into the sink and began to go to wash it when Spike pulled him to his side. "Well then what are you waitin’ for."

He pulled Xander out of the kitchen. "Watch for that Pizza will ya." Spike called back.

Angel tried not to crush his mug. Xander led them to the bathroom and Spike pulled them in practically tearing at the boy's clothes. When he had them both naked and under the hot spray he began his decent. Kisses, nips and licks down a smooth water slicked body and he made his way to Xander's arousal. He licked it running his tongue over the head and down the underside reveling in the sounds his boy was making. Before Xander was able to lose himself in that cool cavern that was Spike's talented mouth the vampire stood and turned him around.

"Spi-spike not in Angel's sh-shower."

The vampire took some of the Ponce's conditioner and slicked his fingers, sliding them over Xander's ass and down the crease in the middle. "Why not?"

"I-it's wrong." Xander struggled as Spike's finger entered him.

"Wrong's what I do, luv. Evil, remember?" He eased another finger past the tight ring and Xander moaned his approval forgetting all about his argument. The vampire stroked and scissored his fingers in his boy gently even if he was becoming impatient. Xander bit at his lip as Spike hit that sweet spot inside him.

"Ple-please Spike."

"What, luv?" Spike teased.

"Need...you." Xander moaned out an arm reaching back to pull Spike closer.

The vampire removed his fingers, sliding his own arousal against the boy’s backside. "This? Need this, Xan?"

The brunette whimpered pushing back. "Take that as a yes." Spike laughed slicking himself up and bending Xander enough to allow him entrance. The boy's hands grabbed at the wall as Spike slid inside. "Always so tight, pet."

Xander pushed back again taking Spike all the way inside. The Vampire started rocking angling himself with every thrust until he hit the spot that made Xander forget about keeping all those sweet sounds in, made the boy want to weep. Spike smiled evilly knowing just how great Vampire hearing was and pleased with the show his boy was putting on. Xander groaned and pulled Spike's fingers around his stomach to his arousal and that halted all of the vampire’s thoughts as he focused on everything that was his lover.

Xander came first expelling his essence all over the shower wall and as his muscles clenched around Spike the vampire soon followed. He grabbed the boy using his vampire strength to keep them both up. He took the soap and lazily lathered up Xander avoiding lingering on one spot too long. Then he washed himself and when they were both rinsed off and Xander was yet again coming around to the land of the living he kissed his boy. "So sweet, Pet."

Xander kissed back getting more enthusiastic as it went along. Soon enough He was rising again and Spike gently nipped at his shoulders. "None of that now. Got the Ponce waitin on us. I'm sure the Pizza’s here by now."

Xander flushed as he remembered where they were. "Evil." He said looking at his lover accusingly.

"Vampire, luv." Spike helped the boy out of the shower and dried him off with a bit of added naughty touching. When they were both dry Spike pulled Xander out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around the boy's waist. Spike on the other hand was as naked as the day he was born.

"What are you doing?" Xander asked panicked.

"Need clean clothes don’t we." Spike raided Angel's closet for clothes for them both. He just pulled some matching clothes out for himself, but put more effort and thought into it when it came to clothes for Xander. He chose something extremely dark for the boy knowing the effect it would have on his Sire.

When they went back into the kitchen Angel was sitting at the table the pizza box in front of him. He was pretending to read some leather bound but Spike could see right through the act.

"Sorry we took so long." Xander said sitting down at the table and grabbing a slice of pineapple and pepperoni pizza.

"No problem." Angel said not looking up.

"Showers nice." Xander said trying to make conversation.

"Yes, very *hot*." Spike sat down next to his boy.

Angel looked up and his eyes widened. He looked over at Xander and swallowed.

The boy noticed Angel's eyes and then looked down at himself trying to figure out what the vampire was looking at. He notice the clothes. "Oh yeah, Sorry but we needed to borrow some clothes."

"Don't mind, do ya, *luv*?" Spike taunted.

"Not at all." Angel said shifting in his chair and pushing it closer to the table once again making an attempt to hide his arousal.

Spike ran a hand over Xander's arm. He knew Angel could smell the lingering scents of them on each other as well as Xander's current arousal. 'Mine' Spike mouthed and saw his Sire's jaw clench.

Xander filled the time with Scoobie stories and all the things he had ever done to help Buffy save the world. He mentioned a situation with some dirty Craylog demons and a nest. Telling the vampires about what he did and how he was involved.

"You did *that*? I'm impressed mate."

Xander beamed.

"Yes, those are some pretty tough demons." Angel said patting Xander's arm. Spike glared at him.

"Well, Buff, did all the hard stuff, of course."

"Don't sell yourself short Xander." Angel squeezed the boy's arm.

"Yea, he's right, luv." Spike ran a hand up Xander's thigh. The boy swallowed. "Without you, Slayer'd be lost." He cupped Xander's arousal and the boy took a deep breath trying not to lose control in front of Angel. Little did he know.

Angel got up and removed the Pizza box from the table. Back turned away Spike took that opportunity to attack Xander's neck. The boy made a whine in the back of his throat that would be hardly noticeable to any normal being. But to a vampire it was like a siren and Angel turned sharply.

Xander's eyes were closed and his fists were clenched. One of Spike's hands teased a nipple under that black shirt of Angel's that Xander was borrowing. Spike saw him snap before Angel even realized he had. The older vampire stalked over to Spike and yanked him up off the chair. Xander was frightened out of his lustful trance and looked up to see two faces overtaken by ridges and golden eyes. "Bad Chile." Angel growled out. "You always were a worthless rebel."

Spike's eyes flickered. He was excited at the way he had managed to rile his Sire but he was also worried. Would Angel take Sire rights? He could smell Xander's fear. No way. Xander was *his* boy, *his* property. He growled defiantly. "Don't speak back to me boy." Angel said bringing Spike against him and rubbing the blonde’s arousal with rough hands.

"Spike? What's goin’ on?" Xander asked warily.

"S'all right Xan. Just that thing we were talking about, remember." Spike said his demon enjoying the feel of its Sire against it.

Angel let go of Spike and strode over to Xander grabbing him. "Sire rights." he said and he kissed him.

The End

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