Rating: PG
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander's peaceful night in gets interupted...
A/N: Somewhere season four, after Spike gets chipped. Xander has a new apartment story takes place here. Its fluffy mind you. No smut, just fluff.

Night In


Xander sat on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate. The night was one of those pleasantly chilled ones and he snuggled into the pillowly softness of his seat. The medium sized TV he owned was turned on and he began to channel surf. He was happy. Day went well, no new badies, wonderful new apartment all his own and everyone else was too busy to join him. He was glad he could have a day to himself. He loves the other Scoobies, don't get him wrong. It's just lately they've been ignoring him so much he figures if he didn't show up one night, they probably wouldn't even notice. But no need to think about that now. Now was happy time. He took a sip of the warming drink and stopped on an infomercial. A man was showing off some knives and explaining to everyone how they won't ever break.

Looking at them from the viewpoint of some regular normal Joe he'd probably be amazed. But looking at them from the viewpoint of a Scoobie he found them kind of lacking. Seriously, if a demon, Hell beast or other evil creature managed to get inside Buffy's house and she used these "miracle blades" he was *sure* they would break. He wondered if the company would refund them if they were covered in half of the gooey goopy things he's experienced since his eyes were opened to the real world around him. Living on the Hell mouth sure did change the way you thought about things.

He jumped at a bang on the door. Looking towards it he saw it was still attached to the hinges. That was always of the good. He listened waiting for the noise to repeat itself. You never quite know what's on the other side of a door, could be a drunk neighbor or a *drunk* neighbor. Or some sort of demon or just some stupid person messing around. He put down his mug on the table picking up the phone just incase. He jumped again, almost losing his grip on it when the door rattled, the banging louder this time.

"Oi! Whelp, open up."

Spike? What was he doing here?

He cautiously walked over to the door. "Bit quicker, mate. Know you're in there I can hear ya breathing."

Xander opened the door and Spike fell against the protective barrier. This was the first time Spike had ever visited him here. "What do you want Fangless?"

"Just wondering what you're up too. Help a fellow out here and invite me in." Spike was looking around.

"And why would I want to do that?"

"Cause it's bloody polite that's why." Spike leaned against the door frame staring Xander down.

Xander looked beyond the vampire trying to find a reason for Spike to show up at his door but didn't see anyone or anything for that matter, to give him any reason to subject his nice evening to Xander bashing.

"Nope, sorry. I'm not in a polite mood tonight. Guess you'll just have to find someone else who is." Xander begin to close the door.

"Harris." Spike growled. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Ooo scary. Look at the Big Bad now. What are you going to do? Tell Willow on me?"

"Not a bad idea. I don't think Red'll be too happy knowin' you weren't bein' friendly." Spike smirked. "But I have alot of other things on you I don't think you'll be too happy to have me share with your little band of Scoobies."

"You wouldn't. No wait of course you would. But, you don't have anything on me...do you?"

Spike's smirk just grew. Xander paled. "Um...so yeah, come on in Spike."

The vampire pushed past him into the apartment and looked around. "Not bad Harris. Could use some color though."

"What are you the un-dead Martha Stewart?" He said closing the door and walking back to the couch. "Besides you only ever wear two colors, red and black."

"Well, Harris, never knew you noticed."

"Its hard not too." Xander replied sitting down. "And if those are the colors you have in mind I'd rather have the place drab as it is thank you."

Spike shrugged walking over to the fridge opening it and grabbing a bottle of beer.

"Want something to drink, Spike?" Xander asked sarcastically.

"That's alright mate already got one." Spike hopped over the couch back and flopped down next to Xander. He grabbed the remote from the boy and started flipping the channels.

"Hey." Xander turned to him glaring. "I was watching that."

"Not anymore you're not. Lookie here Passions is on."

"No Spike. No way. This is my place that means we watch what I want to watch."

"No need to get your knickers in a twist mate, I've seen that one before." The vampire kicked his legs up onto the table and started flipping again.

"Feet off Fangless. And give me the remote back." Xander's bottom lip protruded like that of a child's.

"Don't pout, pet. Be hard to keep that adult act you got goin' on up lookin' like that."

"Don't tell me what to do. It's my place, Spike." Xander snatched the remote back. "And its my TV."

"Fine then." Spike said settling his arms over his chest. "Wanker." he mumbled.

"That's right." Xander replied getting comfortable again and lazily changing the channels.

Spike snorted taking a drink of his beer. "Right."

Xander found himself stuck on a foreign film and Spike and him ended up watching the rest of it making jokes about the actors and the crummy storyline. He figured the vampire wasn't that bad for company. And he hadn't hung out with just a guy in the longest. Granted this 'guy' was a chipped un-dead soulless vampire who used to take pleasure in torturing and killing until he was neutered, but when you ignored all that, he wasn't too hard to handle.

Spike didn't try to grab at the remote again and Xander found himself actually asking the Vampire if what they were watching was okay. Spike would either ignore him or tell him it was his house and he had no say. Xander would watch him for his reaction and then act accordingly and he couldn't figure out why excatly. But decided he probably needed to get out more. By the time he finished reheating and drinking his hot chocolate it was pretty late...or rather early and he found his eyes getting heavy.

He tried to stay awake as long as possible but before long he was pulled into the sweet darkness.

Spike looked down at Xander as the human snuggled up to him, head laying on his shoulder. He smiled telling himself he wasn't moving because he didn't want to wake Xander. Told himself he wasn't leaving because the sun was going to come up soon and he was safe here. Told himself he had come here simply to escape those Tralux demons. Told himself the boy would never be anything but hostile towards him.

But right now the boy was asleep, and warm, and smelling like the sweets he was always indulging in, and for a moment, Spike felt he could ignore everything. The reasons, the excuses, the lies. Because Xander was asleep and for just this moment he could pretend that the boy was his and he could love him without having to hide.

The End

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