Title:  Voyeur

Author:  Margie
Rating:  NC-17 (for the naughty sex parts)
Pairing: X/S
Spoilers:  None, just PWP.

Summary:  Xander watches Spike.

Disclaimer:  I don't own anything.  Joss owns it all damn him!
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The first time it happened Xander wasn't sure what woke him.  The room was still dark, so he knew that he still had plenty of time left to sleep.  Drowsily he acknowledged there was a sort of rustling noise to
his right.  With his luck it was probably another rat scurrying through the basement.  Not particularly in any hurry to catch said rat, Xander turned slowly, his eyes slitting open only barely.

What he saw almost made his eyes pop out of his head.  And it definitely put the rest of his body on alert.  Somehow Spike had gotten out of his bonds.  But instead of making a run for it, Spike was sitting in his chair eyes closed, nostrils flared, and to Xander's utter amazement, cock hard.

Unable to look away, Xander watched as Spike's hands roamed his body.  They pinched his nipples through his dark t-shirt, and then reached down to grasp his weeping erection.  The vampire's cock having been freed from his too tight jeans before Xander had even awoken.  

The sight of Spike's pale flesh caused goose bumps to appear all over Xander's.  The sound of Spike's pale hands rasping up and down the slick skin of his cock was unbelievably erotic and had all off Xander's blood pooling into his groin.  Afraid to alert the vampire, Xander didn't make a move.

When the vampire started to groan and thrust into his own hand, Xander had to bite back a moan.  The ache to touch himself was so strong he wanted to weep.  His dick throbbed incessantly and he was almost afraid that if he didn't come he'd have permanent blue balls for the rest of his life.

Xander watched while Spike stopped to languidly squeeze the head, his fingers playing with the slit there.  "Yes, luv.  Touch me there."  The vampire whispered quietly, as if to a fantasy lover.  Xander almost whimpered.

Biting his lip, Xander continued to torture himself watching Spike grasp the pale column of flesh and begin jacking himself in earnest.  He could feel his own precum oozing out of his penis, but still forced himself into stillness as he watched the sexy vampire perform.  When Spike came, Xander was shocked out of his stupor by Spike's harsh whisper.  "Xander!"  His name was hissed between suddenly elongated fangs.  The realization that the moment Spike lost control to ecstasy the vampire had been thinking of him caused Xander to cum in his boxers.  In the morning he'd awoken to find Spike asleep in the barca lounger, with no sign of having escaped his bonds.

That had been one week ago.  Every night since Xander had awoken to find the same scene playing out before him.  And every night since Xander had fantasized about entering that scene and actually playing a part instead of watching from the sidelines.  Tonight was no different.

"Yessss."  The vampire hissed, hips thrusting shallowly into his fisted hand.  "Xan, please."

Xander's cock hardened instantly.  Whenever Spike let his name slip from between those pouty lips, Xander felt his arousal kick up a notch.  And it seemed as if it were happening more and more often every night.  As if all the vampire's wanking fantasies included the dark haired boy laying in the bed beside him.

"Lick me, luv."  Spike pleaded in a whisper.  "Want to feel your tongue, hot and wet, against me."  Spike groaned.  So did Xander.

He couldn't take anymore.  Xander stood, throwing the covers off and dropping to his knees in front of the lounger.  He glanced up to find Spike's eyes still closed, and his head thrown back.  

Before moving closer, Xander called out, "Spike."  He wanted the vampire to know what was about to happen.  He didn't want Spike dreaming about a fantasy anymore.  He wanted Spike to be there, with him, feeling him, cumming for him.  

The Spike's eyes opened and his head fell forward to lock gazes with Xander.  "Whelp."  Spike licked his lips suggestively.  "Ready to join the party?"  Xander should have known he hadn't been a secret voyeur.  Spike had known he was awake and watching the whole time.  Had probably called out his name on purpose, to tease and taunt.  But he didn't care.

All he wanted right now was to finally feel Spike's cool flesh against his own.  To taste the flavor of Spike's skin and the tangy fluid he was spreading so deliciously over his hard cock.  Without answering Spike, Xander leaned forward and let his tongue trail over Spike's rigid flesh.

"Aaah, luv.  Just like that.  Gods, I want you."  Spike thrust himself against Xander's questing tongue.  

Xander spent some time just licking and tasting Spike's salty skin.  Finally he couldn't take anymore and pursed his lips around the silky head.  Pushing forward slowly he took as much in as he could before swallowing.  The rippling motion of his throat constricted around Spike and the vampire cried out.  "Fuck, Xan.  Suck me, please."

Xander couldn't deny the desire in Spike's voice so he began a gentle suction.  "Harder, luv.  God, suck me harder."  Xander reached out as he applied more suction, his warm hands reaching around to knead Spike's buttocks with each thrust.  They were smooth and filled his hands perfectly, making Xander moan his appreciation.

He squeezed and massaged Spike's flesh his fingers only centimeters away from his puckered opening.  Xander let one finger gently brush against it causing Spike to shudder and groan.  The reaction he received was so erotically charged that he wanted it again.  So he let his finger circle the small opening, feeling it constrict and widen with each swipe.  

"In me, luv.  Want your fingers inside me.  Want *you* inside me."  Spike thrust back against the circling finger, demanding more.

Xander pulled back his hand, lifting it so that it was within reach of Spike's mouth.  Knowing what was needed, Spike took Xander's fingers in and began to wet them down.  He slicked them until they were dripping, anxious to have a part of the boy thrusting into him.

Xander continued bobbing his head up and down Spike's rigid shaft, his fingers moving closer and closer to their target.  At last Spike felt a warm solid digit breaching his opening.  He sighed in quiet relief,
finally getting what he wanted.  The vampire was filled with a deep sense of urgency, he could feel his climax rising.  Thrusting forward into the whelp's mouth, pushing back onto his finger, wanting to take as much of the boy as he could.  "More, luv.  Another."  He begged, waiting for Xander to stretch him open even further.

For long minutes the room was filled with quiet slurping and harsh panting breaths.  An occasional grunt or moan would break in, until Xander pulled away.  He could practically feel Spike's balls rising toward the vampire's body readying themselves to shoot their cool salty load.  Spike didn't speak, only looked up at him with expectation in a look of impatience.

"Can I..." Xander swallowed the lump in his throat.  The hunger he felt for Spike was almost too much.  He didn't know what he would do if the vampire rejected him now.  "Damn, Spike!  I really want to fuck
you."  Xander looked away embarrassed at his crude words.  He'd never spoken to Anya that way while they'd been together.  It was only Spike that made him completely tactless with lust.  "Or, if you want you can do me."  Again he cursed his inability to say the right words.

Spike refrained from answering verbally.  Instead he pulled the boy up and practically attacked his mouth.  Their tongues met and danced, distracting Xander enough that he didn't realize Spike had carried him back to his own bed.  Somehow Spike had gotten them both naked and now lay atop him, their groins rubbing together.  Abruptly Spike rolled them over so that Xander was now the one on top grinding his hips down into the vampire.

"I told you, luv."  Spike licked up and down the column of Xander's throat.  "Want you inside me."

Oh man, Xander couldn't believe the way those words affected him.  His cock twitched violently and he hardened to a point of near agony.  Xander reached down and spread Spike open with two fingers, continuing his earlier stretching.  He scissored his fingers wide, loving the look of ecstasy that crossed Spike's features.  "Add another, luv.  Hurry, want your cock not just your fingers."  Xander watched Spike carefully as he added a third finger.  He was amazed when Spike's face shimmered bouncing back and forth from his human face to his vampire visage.  

"You can let go, if you want."  Xander whispered in his ear.  Not liking the idea that Spike was fighting his natural instincts.  When Spike finally settled on his vampiric aspect, Xander leant down and kissed him fully on the lips, careful to avoid his now elongated fangs.  "You're beautiful.  All of you."  He kissed him again.  Happy that he seemed to at last have found the proper words.  Xander would never forget the look on Spike's face when he said those words.  It was a mixture of vulnerability, longing, and a bit of relief.  

Xander gently pulled his fingers free, frowning slightly down at Spike.  "Is that enough, I don't want to hurt you."

Spike couldn't remember the last time anyone had bothered to insure he be pain free during sex.  Certainly not Drusilla, and definitely not Angel.  In fact they both had enjoyed any pain he experienced during the act.  "Do you have any slick, luv?  Lotion, or oil?"

"Oh!"  Xander jumped off the bed, heading toward the small dresser in the corner.  He pulled open the top drawer and retrieved a small bottle of hand lotion.  "Left over from Anya."  

"Perfect, Xan."  Spike waited until Xander was again lying atop him.  "Just spread a little inside me with your finger, and then coat yourself."  Spike was getting extremely impatient to have Xander thrusting into him, but was too nonplused by his concern to force him into a faster pace.  "Unh, that's good, luv."

Once Xander had coated his own cock with the oily lotion, he threw the bottle down and positioned himself at Spike's opening.  Spike raised his legs until he could hook his ankles over Xander's shoulders and waited.  He could feel the pressure as Xander pushed his cock head through and into his tunnel.  The spongy flesh squeezed into the impossibly tight opening and both men groaned.

Xander closed his eyes, trying to relax, not wanting to end the moment too soon.  The tight cool feeling of having Spike's flesh hugging his staff made him dizzy with sensation.  He pushed gently until he was all the way in, both men breathing hard and whimpering.

"Fuck, Spike.  So good.  So tight."  Xander barely got the words out before he was pulling out and pushing in at a fast rhythm.  "God, it's amazing.  Never felt this good."

"Yes, luv."  Spike grasped both Xander's hips and urged him to drive deeper.  "Harder, Xan.  Please."  

Then neither man had the energy left to speak.  Both were focused solely on the pleasure.  Xander sped up, until he was practically fucking Spike through the mattress.  The bed was creaking incredibly loud, and at one point Xander was almost afraid they were going to break it.  But then he felt his balls tighten, and his orgasm crash through him and he didn't have time to think about anything else.  "Spike!"  He screamed his lover's name as the first spurt of cum shot out and into the vampire's willing body.  

"Xan, fuck yeah!"  Spike answered with his own release, the walls of his sphincter milking Xander's cock as he shot cum all over his stomach and Xander's chest.  

Finally they collapsed back onto the bed together, breath still panting out harshly, arms and legs entwined.  


"Yeah, luv?"  The vampire turned to watch him warily.  Was this where the boy would threaten to stake him if he ever told?

"I just want to know one thing."  Xander turned to meet his gaze.

"What's that, Xan?"

"How did you get out of the ropes?"  Xander asked, curious.

Relief coursed through Spike when he realized that Xander wasn't having regrets and wasn't about to kick him out of the bed.  He waggled his eyebrows at his new lover.  "You really need a lesson in proper bondage, luv."  Spike lifted the end of one of the thick ropes lying on the floor.  "How about I show you?"

Xander blushed, but his erection sprang back to life.  There was no way he was turning down that offer, and Spike knew it.  The vampire growled and lunged for him.  And before he knew it, Xander was tied to the barca lounger, completely naked and achingly hard.  

The anticipation was killing him, but Spike took his time raking Xander's hot body with his eyes.  Then he leant forward, slanted his mouth and kissed him hard.  "Thank you, luv."

Dazed, Xander stared back up at him.  "For what?"

"Trusting me," was Spike's simple answer.

"Always," Xander answered without pause.  And in that one moment he knew it to be true.  And the expression on Spike's face at the one word answer joined the list of looks that Xander would never forget.  

And Spike spent the rest of the night, thanking Xander in more than words.

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