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Pavlov's Renovations


Spike lay stretched naked along the couch, his head in Xander's lap, suckling on Xander's cock as Xander caressed the reddened ass presented so enticingly.

Though Spike's ass felt as if it was on fire, he was hardly aware of the pain due to his cock's agony as it ached and throbbed in the cage he'd been wearing for three days now. He was nearly out of his mind with the need to come. Spike gave incredible head when he was desperate like this, and Xander was enjoying himself despite the playroom being out of action for the day. Pulses of pleasure surged from the chip as Xander gazed at the video playing on the large TV screen in front of them.

Xander was having a relaxing evening in front of the TV during renovations to the playroom. Workmen were installing large monitors on each wall, so he watch the action in real time, almost like having mirrors on the walls. Thankfully the soundproofing was effective, which was a good thing as Xander was watching a recording filmed during Jakes last visit, and he liked the sound a leather whip made as it cracked down on flesh and didn't want to turn the volume down.

He'd been spanking Spike in time with the whipping and Spike was always very noisy unless gagged, but the cries Xander could evoke during a good spanking were always a turn on for him.

Spikes ass was a brilliant red and purple hue now, and Xander's gaze lingered on it fondly. It still surprised him that giving Spike a simple paddle spanking could make him so hard, but he supposed simple was sometimes best. Spike always gave incredible head during a spanking.

Spike was almost sobbing with need as his clever tongue worked on the slit of Xander's cock, then he suddenly increased the suction and swallowed him whole, working him with his throat muscels.

The video playing on the TV had reached one of Xander's favorite parts, TV Spike was stretched out on the fuck bench, his back a pattern of red stripes from the whipping, sucking on Xander's cock while TV Jake crouched between TV Spike's legs. TV Jake had his fist inside TV Spike's ass, and Xander hardened even more as he watched TV Jake's arm slowly pushing it's way deeper into TV Spike's body.

Picking up the paddle again Xander gave Spike's tender ass a hard slap which made Spike moan around the cock in his mouth as the chip kicked in. The increased vibrations were sending Xander to the edge, and he reached for one of Spike's reddened nipples and gave it a twist.

"Harder, Spike...harder...aahh..yessss...." he moaned, as Spike redoubled his efforts, massaging Xander's heavy ball sac as his mouth worked frantically on the hard cock in his mouth.

Spike's cock pushed hard against the bars of it's cage as the pleasure from the chip threatened to overwhelm him. It was a smaller cage than the old one, as he'd managed once to actually come while wearing the larger one, to Xander's amazement.

The new one gave him almost no room for expansion, and was agonizing if he got hard, which was happening now. Xander was pressing a finger inside his ass, and Spike knew he had to come this time or explode.

Xander thrust up savagely into the wet suction engulfing him, as he snapped open the release catch on the cage with his other hand. Reaching for Spike's tortured cock he squeezed and massaged it to throbbing life.

Spike's sob of pain/pleasure sent Xander over, but he continued to pleasure Spike into a prolonged orgasm as he ejaculated spurts of jism over them both. Spike exploded into an extended orgasm, finally collapsing unconsious across Xander's lap, with Xander passed out over him.

Xander recovered first, and lay back against the couch with a satisfied smile. He was looking forward to using the new monitors.

The End

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