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Pavlov's Dog


5 Pavlov's Bench

Laazikaat said she had trouble visualising Xander's Fuck-Bench so I wrote this very short chapter to help out. *g*

Spike was bent over the Fuck-Bench again.

It had become Master's favourite piece of equipment, and Spike could be found being fucked over it by Master nine days out of ten.

Master had spent a lot of time designing it especially for Spike

It looked at first glance like a wooden excersise horse found in any gymnasium, until you looked again.

It was five foot long, with restraint rings running along the base at 3 inch intervals. It came up to just below Spike's waist but was fully adjustable, and could be lowered as needed, which was often the case when master strapped his ankles to the restraint rings, forcing his feet as far apart as his legs would stretch.

With practise Master had managed to get Spike's legs stretched apart to almost the full width of it now, and he'd had to lower the bench a lot to allow Spike to bend over it properly.

Master got hard, he'd confided to Spike, when he looked at Spike stretched out like that, ass muscles straining and thighs trembling so nicely

Master liked to use the nipple clamps to keep him in position.

After positioning Spike carefully over the bench he would fasten the chains attached to the clips to two of the rings on the far side of the Fuck-Bench.

He always fastened them very firmly, giving Spike no leeway for movement. At the slightest twitch from Spike they bit deeply.

But the worst of the bloody thing in Spike's mind was the fact that it had a vacant area between the red leather padded bench and the supporting base unit.The solid part of the base unit only reached his knees.

Then posts at each corner supported the bench. His cock was left to fuck thin air while master was buggering him.

Which was happening now.

"Fuck, so fucking good...fuck, Spike..."

Of course the pleasure response from the chip nearly doubled when Master used the Fuck-Bench, he could get his cock in so deeply when he had Spike bent nearly double like this.

Spike bucked back wildly onto Master's cock, causing a little more blood to drip from his tortured nipples, but the pain only turned him on more, and he humped his bound cock frantically against the air, desperate to come.

Master hadn't let him come all week, enjoying the increasingly desperate vampire's neediness.

Spike's head jobs were unbelievable when he was in this state, and Master had enjoyed one from him earlier this afternoon.

Suddenly the chip fired off a salvo of extreme high end pleasure that Spike knew meant Master was at the edge and about to come. He sobbed in torment, desperate to come and then felt Master's hand at his cock, releasing the cock ring and giving a few tugs on Spike's purple cock.

"Fuck..too good...coming...wait for it!...ahhh...fuck! Fuck!...come for me, Spike" With a sob of joy Spike spasmed into ecstacy, clenching around Master's huge cock and sending him toppling over.

When Spike was capable of thought again, he prayed master would never tire of the Fuck-Bench.

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