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Pavlov's Dog


3 Pavlov's Home

Spike nearly passed out with the pleasure that surged through his body when Master came into the playroom. Jake had come over earlier to test a new whip, and had strapped the vampire to the whipping post in the center of the room, his hands chained high above his head, pulling him up onto his toes.

His back was covered in evenly spaced red welts beading with blood.

The picture he made had Master's cock rock hard before he was through the door, sending the chip into overload

The new whip Jake had wanted to test had a forked tongue with sharp metal points at each tip, drawing blood at every lash from the Dom.

Spike's back was raw and he was trembling with lust, futiley humping thin air in an attempt to gain some friction against the post. The ankle braces holding his legs apart didn't allow him close enough to the post to allow more than a light brush against it, only adding to the vampire's frustration.

Xander could see Jake's massive erection straining at his briefs, but the Doms all knew that only his Master's cock was allowed up the vampire's ass.

Whips, paddles, testing various 'toys', even fisting was okay, but Xander was the only one who got to fuck that tight ass.

The word that Xander had a Sub for rent who could take anything dished out had spread quickly in specialized circles and Xander now had a large clientel of Dom's who paid him highly for time with Spike.

The money had allowed them to move out of the run down mansion last year and buy this small house in the better part of Sunnydale, complete with the large basement he'd converted into a 'playroom'

Xander glanced at the clock on the wall and then back to the heated scene in front of him.

He wanted inside that beautiful ass. "Two more minutes, Spike" he said to the panting vampire, palming the large bulge in his pants with anticipation.

Spike's cock became even harder, if that was possible, and precome dripped steadily from the tip. He had a beauiful cock, Xander thought, gazing with appreciation at the hard flesh jutting out from the vampire.

Spike was hung like a mule.

Of course Xander was oversized himself, and always had a bit of trouble forcing his huge cock into Spike's tight hole. He was eternally grateful to Angelus for turning Spike before fucking him, ensuring Spike's ass was tight and virginal forever.

Jake finished up and turned to Xander.

"This is a good whip, Mr Alexander," he said. "Light, flexible, it doesn't tire the wrist, and the barbs at the tips give a very satisfying result.

"You think I should add it to the collection?" Xander asked, glancing at the large array of whips lining one wall of the room. "I certainly recommend it," Jake nodded, as he started to unchain the needy vampire and walk him over to the bed.

"You're probably right, I'll order it in tomorrow,"Xander said, eager now to hurry Jake out of the room.

As usual Spike needed help to walk as he was wearing the large butt plug Xander insisted he wear for his visits. He minced painfully along now, leaning heavily on Jake's arm and slowly placing one foot a fraction in front of the other, as he made his way across the room.

Xander's cock got harder as he watched.

Finally Spike was kneeling in the required position on the bed, face down on the pillow, tender ass up in the air.

Xander was harder than usual as he'd been watching the session on the camera moniter set up in the loungeroom

He loved watching Spike prepare himself for their evening session each day, and had set up a series of cameras to catch the show.

He found it a good way to take the edge off, though sometimes he lost control and ran into the playroom to pounce on the vampire and fuck him into oblivion before he'd finished his preparations.

At exactly 4 pm each day Spike would stop whatever he'd been doing and walk into the bathroom. Once undressed he would climb into the enormous bathtub and pick up the first of the small hoses hanging on the wall bracket.

Inserting the first hose deeply into his hole he squirted high pressure soapy water up his ass.

It always amused Xander to see the way the vampire's knees started to give way under the assault. His cock would start to harden in anticipation.

The second hose squirted clear water and the last hose squirted a rose scented oily gell high up into his hole.

Hanging up the last hose Spike would quickly finish showering and walk naked into the playroom and over to the table of 'toys'

He glanced at the white board positioned above it where Xander would have written the list of toys he wanted to use for their session.

Spike read through the short list and began to prepare himself.

Xander had specified the nipple clamps with the Level 4 weights and the leather cockring.

Also on the list were the ankle straps and the 3 foot spreader bar which clipped at each end to the ankle straps and kept Spikes legs stretched apart.

Spike picked them all up and tossed them over to the bed, keeping the cock ring. His cock was already hard just by coming into this room, so it didn't take him a moment to attach it. That was all for today, except for the butt plug of course, which was a compulsory item and always to be worn for Master.

Picking up the huge butt plug, Spike quickly coated it with lube and getting down on his hands and knees began the slow tortorous job of getting his tight hole ready to accomadate the monstrous thing.

It was an amazing thing Master had found one day in a store he suspected had a demon clientel, almost as thick as spike's wrist.

First one finger, then two were inserted into his ass and scissored to stretch the tight ring of muscle at his entrance

Xander would always be rock hard by now, and rubbing his cock through his trousers.

By the time Spike had four fingers pumping into his hole Xander would have his cock out and be keeping time with the vampire's thrusts

But the best sight was seeing the vampire slowly inserting the massive butt plug, watching the ring of muscle expanding impossibly wide to accept it.

This was where Xander usually began to lose control. He tried his best to hold back but as the lengh of thick hard rubber vanished slowly into Spike's hole he found his hand speeding up despite himself.

Spike finally had the base flush with his ass and fastened the straps that kept it firmly in place.

He hobbled slowly and carefully over to the bed

But today he'd been interupted at this point.

Just as the vampire had begun to climb onto the bed Jake had arrived unexpectedly with his new whip.

Jake paid an enormous amount for the freedom to arrive when he needed to, with minimum notice. Xander had known he was on his way but had been enjoying the show too much to warn Spike.

Jake took hold of the vampire and had him shoved up against the whipping post before Spike realised what was happening

Xander had enjoyed watching the Dom play with his new whip, but the interuption had been timely, and Xander hadn't finished his wank.

His cock was hard enough now to hammer through the wall.

Now as Xander stared at the vampire he realised Spike had been interupted before he'd finished getting himself prepared

"Well, pet," he said as he walked up to the bed, "You haven't followed the instructions I left for you. The spreader bar's not attached and neither are the nipple clamps."

Spike's lust-raddled brain tried to make sense of Master's words. bar? ..clips? ...???

Xander realised his vampire was too far gone and reached across for the thin crop hanging at the end of the bed. A few slashes across the back of Spike's thighs got his attention nicely.

"The clips, Spike, the spreader bar Spike, and hurry the fuck up, I can't wait much longer" Xander exclaimed impatiently

Hurredly Spike attached the clips to his nipples, wincing as the sharp little things bit, and then attached the weights which made them bite even more.

It was nothing though compared to wearing the tiny silver buckets which master liked him to do when they showered together.

The sensation as the little buckets attached to the clips slowly filled with water, getting heavier every moment and tugging down on the clips was indescribable.

Another slash with the crop had Spike reaching quickly for the spreader bar. Still kneeling he placed it behind him, and stretching his legs apart positioned his feet at each end of it.

Twisting round first one way and then the other he locked the bar to his ankle straps.

His thigh muscels spasmed a bit at the strain but he was used to the bar and they soon relaxed. Master had recently mentioned getting a 4 foot bar, and he hoped he wouldn't have to wear it while kneeling.

"Oh fuck, yeesss!" crowed Xander as he looked at Spike's straining ass cheeks. He undid the straps and tore the buttplug from Spike's tortured hole, plunging in balls deep in one savage thrust.

"Fuck! So fucking tight! So fucking perfect!"

Spike's chip started to redline from Xander's intense pleasure, and he rocked back against Master's cock frantically

Xander knew he'd come too close to the brink watching Jake earlier and wasn't going to last.

He decided to leave Spike's cockring on, this fuck would take his own edge of nicely and they could have a longer session later.

And Spike was even more intense and eager to please when he'd not been allowed to come for awhile.

Maybe he'd have him on the new Fuck-Bench that had arrived yesterday.

It was a beauty, built to his own design. Five foot long, only eight inches wide and in height it came to just above Spike's cock.

It had a dark red leather padded bench top which would show up the vampire's milk white skin a real treat.

The vision of a frantically needy Spike, bent double over the Fuck-Bench, restrained by his nippleclips, his feet spread uncomfortably wide and chained to the fastening rings at each end, his ass and thighs trembling from the intense stretch and humping uselessly into the hollow space between the base and top that was meant to prevent his cock getting any friction became too much for Xander and he came screaming and spasming into Spike's hole.

Fuck! Life was good.

The End

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