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Pavlov's Dog


4 Pavlov's Club

Xander stopped at the doorway to admire the view. Spike was in the required position,kneeling on the huge fourposter bed, back to the doorway, head down and ass up, his hole in plain view stretched around that wonderful butt plug.

Begging for it.


Xander's cock responded to the view as it always did, becoming rock hard instantly, which started the chip in Spike's brain off.

Spike moaned softly as his body was wracked with pleasure.

It had been three days since Xander's last visit, and Xander knew that Spike would have been in position for the last two of them, unwilling to risk Xander's anger at finding him not in readiness.

Xander gazed fondly at the vampire's perfect milky back. Three days ago he'd whipped it to ribbons, but now thanks to the human blood Spike had been drinking, it was perfect again.

"I've got a surprise for you, luv" he finally said, walking fully into the room.

Spike turned to look at him but didn't speak as he'd not been given permission to.

"I think you'll like it, but then again I know I'm going to like it, so that's what counts, isn't it?" Xander said with a grin.

"Get off the bed and get yourself dressed, we're going out," said Xander

Spike moved to obey, but the huge plug impeded his movements. As he stood up from the bed his legs buckled under him and he fell to his knees

He stayed down and touched Xander's thigh softly, the signal requesting permission to speak.

"Yes, what is it, luv?" asked Xander

Spike's whole body was shaking from the withdrawal he'd been undergoing during Xander's prelonged absence. "Please.....Master...I'm really hanging.... need you so bad......"

"Yeah, I bet you do after three days, luv, but we're going out. Get yourself dressed now or I walk out that door."

"Master....the plug....I can't walk...."

"We won't be walking far from the car, you'll manage. Now get dressed, we've gotta get going," returned Xander.

Spike managed to get his jeans on with some difficulty, though his legs wouldn't stop shaking and when he tried to button the fly he wasn't able to get the buttons to meet. "Just wear your shirt out over it," said xander impatiently.

Spike was finally dressed and shuffled haltingly along beside Xander to the car.

When Spike sat down in the car he let out a groan as the huge plug inside him was pushed deeper inside, which swiftly turned into a moan of pleasure as the chip reacted to Xander's suddenly hardening cock.

Xander drove quickly through the darkened streets of Sunnydale, winding his way out and past the town limits. Then he planted his foot and sped along the highway

Spike knew better than to speak, and they travelled in silence until Xander suddenly spoke.

"I've been getting a bit worried about you Spike," he finally said.

Spike shot him a surprised look but didn't comment. He knew better than to fuck up when Xander was in a strange mood.

"I mean, I'm only human, and though I hate to admit it, I can't keep up with your needs, Spike." They had entered a large development, and Xander turned the car down a side road.

"I don't have Vampire stamina like you, and I've seen the way you hang out for hits from that chip."

They were pulling up now outside a dark building. It looked deserted, but Xander seemed to know his way around it,and parked the car close to a small doorway in the side.

"This is a BDSM club I used to come to before you made that unnecessary," Xander went on. Xander got out the car and walked around to Spike's side and helped the vampire out. Spike nearly fell as his knees buckled again but managed to save himself in time.

"I've talked to the manager, and we've come to an arrangement.

He's going to pay me a huge amount of money for you to come down here each week and service one of his... shall we say... 'special' Doms." He slapped spike's ass as he said this, jolting the plug, causing Spike to stumble a little.

"You see, he's got a Dom client who can only get turned on by a few special activities that most of his staff Subs prefer not to cater to. I've made it a condition that I'll be in the room at all times."

They had reached the door and Spike wobbled as he tried to walk down the shallow steps at the entrance.

"Watching this guy work on you is going to be a turn on for me, so I'm guessing that your chip is going to go into complete overdrive as you pleasure two humans at once."

Spike started to pant, partly from the picture Xander's words were creating and partly from the jolts of pleasure from the chip as it reacted to Xander's own increasing excitement.

Spike took a moment to wonder what the 'activities' were that aroused this jaded Dom so much, but with the chip sending out pulses of ecstacy he wasn't really too fussed.

They had reached the bottom of the stairwell and were in a small elegantly appointed ante chamber.

A small man walked forward to meet them, professional smile firmly in place.

"Ah, Mr Alexander, we have your room prepared for you, if you would like to come this way?"

Spike stepped gingerly along behind, trying to walk normally around the huge butt plug in his ass, as Master and the strange man walked on ahead. By now he was hanging by a thread. The small Level 1 pleasure surges he'd received during the trip had fired up the cravings to unbearable intensity.

He needed Master to fuck him, whip him, anything to activate the chip and give him that ecstatic jolt he craved constantly now like a drug.

Finally Master and the other man had reached a doorway and stopped.

"I'll leave you to get your Sub ready, just ring the bell when you're done." the man said, opening the door and ushering them inside.

The room was large and beautifully furnished, with a large bed in one corner, some comfortable looking couches around the walls, and a large wooden frame stood in the middle of the room with a harness contraption of some kind.slung from the center. Spike also noticed along one wall an array of whips, crops and floggers, and a table with an assortment of toys laid out on it.

"Now go into the bathroom through that door there, and have a shower, Spike. And take that butt plugg out, your ass is gonna be needed soon. When you're finished you'll find a cock ring on the bathroom sink. Put it on before you come back out."

Xander helped himself to a glass of whisky from the small bar in the corner and sat drinking it while he waited for Spike.

He was pleased with this idea.

He'd noticed how shakey Spike became if he was deprived of a fuck for more than a day or two, and had thought of this solution for both of them.

He knew himself well enough to know that what he'd be watching soon would be a total turnon, he fully intended having his cock down Spike's throat while he watched the Dom at work, and he was interested to see what effect it would have on the chip to be reacting to more that one pleasured human at a time.

Just thinking about it was making him harder than he'd been for a long time. Spike came out of the shower while he was sliding his zipper undone to get himself out and gave a moan of lust as he saw Master's cock.

Dropping to his knees in front of him Spike gazed pleadingly into his face, then turned around presenting his ass.

"Okay, just to get the edge off," gasped Xander, "But just suck on it, you gotta keep your ass fresh for the paying customer."

Spike swung back round and swallowed him whole. They both moaned and then Spike went frantically to work, trying to draw the greatest amount of pleasure from the chip that he could.

"That's right.... Ohhhhh yeah.... Suck it hard."

He'd had lots of practice over the last year, and knew exactly where xander's hot spots were.

Wrapping both hands around Xander's shaft, he sucked hard on the head, nibbled a bit and then sucked again, while his hands ran precome up and down the shaft. His hands took on a life of their own as he removed his mouth from Xander's cock and started licking at Xander's sac.

Spike was going out of his mind with pleasure, it had been too long without, he'd been too needy and Xander's pleasure was more instense than usual in anticipation of the coming events.

The sudden upsurge of pleasure from the chip warned him that Xander had reached the edge, and then he was exploding into Spike's mouth, and Spike stayed still just absorbing the hits from the chip until they finally faded.

The cock ring he had strapped on after his shower had stopped him from coming but the pleasure shooting from the chip almost made up for it.

"Right," said Xander. "That took the edge off."

He reached over and rang the bell, and within a few moments a handsome muscular young man had entered the room.

He had long dark hair in a pigtail down his back and was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of black briefs and mid calf high black leather boots.

" Spike, this is your new best friend, Jake" said Xander, grinning over at the silent man.

"He's one of the best Doms here, but a bit jaded, poor fellow."

"The whip can still turn him on though, so I've asked him to teach me how to use that short handled bull whip that gave us trouble last week."

Xander sat back and poured himself another shot of whiskey while Jake strapped Spike to one end of the frame in the center of the room.

He was obviously well practised, and quickly had Spike nicely stretched up on his toes and immobilised.

The muscles in Spike's back and arms were put in sharp relief as his body was held stretched on the frame, and his cock was almost flat against his stomach in anticipation.

Angelus had trained his childe well, pain had long been a turn on for Spike.

Jake walked over to the whips on the wall and selected the short handled one that that was a twin of the one that had given Xander bit of trouble on his last visit to Spike.

He hadn't been able to leave a decent stripe on Spike's back when he'd tried it, the handle seemed too short, and the whip recoiled too soon leaving Spike with faint pink lines that faded as he watched.

The frustration had driven him into a rage, and he'd whipped Spike nearly unconsious with his regular long handled whip before the anger had subsided.

But Jake was a master with the whip, and Xander wanted to learn the way of this short handled whip he'd paid so much for.

Jake walked back to the center of the room and spoke for the first time in a pleasant baritone.

"You'll notice it's all in the wrist action, like this," he said, sending a lash crashing down onto Spike's back. Spike jumped and then seemed to colapse into his restraints as he was hit with a double dose of pleasure from the chip as both humans became instantly hard.

"Jake really gets off on this, by the way, Spike" Xander said, but Spike had already realised this as his brain was going into meltdown as the chip tried to keep up with the double sensations in the room.

Jake continued to send the lash rippping into Spike's back, while Xander rubbed his erection. The man was a genius, Xander realized, as he watched Jake creating a pattern on the white canves of Spike's back.

"Now you try it," Jake said at last, handing Xander the whip. "Spike was a quivering mess, only being held up by his retraints, moaning and humping at the post he was tied to, out of his mind with the pleasure shooting through him.

"Now remember, you control the whip from the wrist," Jake said, as Xander lined up. His first try went off target, hitting Spike across the back of the thighs, but he thought he understood where he'd gone wrong and tried again, this time landing a solid slash across Spike's back that left a thin red line from the right shoulder down to the small of the back, already starting to bead with blood.

Spike shook from the intensity of the chip's response to the thrill that went through Master at his success.

"Yeeesss!!" he hissed, and sent another lash ripping across Spike's back.

Now he understood the action he needed to get the correct result.
He settled in happily for awhile, his cock getting harder and starting to leak as he watched the pattern of welts growing on Spike's back.

He gave a few more lashes to make sure he'd learned the technique properly and then dropped the whip.

He was so hard now, he could barely wait for the next part of the session to start.

Spike was out of his mind already just from the intensified level 1 pleasure he'd been getting. He was frantically humping at the framework he was chained to trying to get friction.

Jake gently unstrapped Spike from the end of the harness and walked him around to the sling at the front.

He lay the panting vampire in the sling and strapped him down again.

Spike's eye's slowly unglazed and he looked inquiringly at Xander.

Xander stood up and pulled his chair over to Spike and sat down again by his head.

"Right, luv,"he began. "I told you Jake has two turn ons. He's just demonstrated the first. Now for the second thing. "You see,I wont let anyone else fuck you, but Jake gets off, I mean really gets off, by fisting.

Spike looked warily at the thick muscular arms on the young man.

That's what this harness thing is here for," Xander continued. It'll hold you steady for him.

"I want to see how far up your ass he can get his arm."

Spike started to pant under the double onslaught from the chip as it picked up on the increasing excitement coming from the two humans.

His cock, already hard as steel was dripping steadily.

"Jake gets even more turned on by an audience" Xander shared, as Jake began oiling one massive arm.

Spike had begun to realise that himself, as every time Xander spoke, the chip sent another surge through him, which could only be coming from the other human.

Jake sat down behind Spike and inserted two lubed fingers into the vampire's hole.

Xander had a perfect view and his cock sprang to attention as he watched those fingers sliding into Spike's body. Quickly he unzipped his trousers and got himself out.

Spike's eyes widened at the sight of Master's cock and he licked his lips. Xander moved his chair closer until Spike's head rested on his lap

"Suck on it, luv, nice and hard,"

Spike licked at the tip of Xander's cock and then his cheeks hollowed as he began a strong sucking action.

Xander nearly came on the spot.

Jake had three fingers inside Spike now and was twisting them around to stretch the vampire. Spike was panting steadily now, interspersed with moans as stronger peaks of pleasure moved through him when Xander tore his eyes from the mouth around his cock to see four fingers disappearing and then reappearing from Spike's hole, and then another strong surge from Jake as the man managed to slip his thumb into Spike's ass alongside his fingers.

Spike hadn't felt much more than the usual from the chip until that moment, then he realized that Jake hadn't started getting really turned on until he'd gotten closer to getting his entire hand inside.

But now Spike could feel the man's hard cock pressing against his leg as Jake carefully applied more lube around his wrist and the edge of Spike's hole.

Spike sucked hard on Xander's cock as Jake slipped his whole hand inside him. The chip was going into fucking overdrive now, two fully aroused humans getting off and the chip had reached a new high Spike had never felt before. Instead of pauses between the pleasure surges, it was giving a steady peak pleasure that was making Spike mindless. "...oh fuck..yeeesss...aahhhhhhh....."

Spike had just reached a new addiction level.

Xander could see half of jake's forearm had disappeared into Spike's body now. It was the most fucking amazing thing he had ever seen. Spike continued sucking noisily on his cock, moaning continuously as Jake worked his arm deeper into the vampire's ass .

Spike had tears running down his face but as Xander watched Jack slide his arm in another inch, a look of rapture came over the vampire's face.

Xander knew he wasn't going to hold out for much longer, Spike had started to deepthroat his cock. And Jake's arm had disappeared nearly to the elbow. Spike was begging steadily "Please...please...fuck...oh fuck..yeeesss...aahhhhhhh....."

Xander reached across and released the cock ring, giving a few tugs on Spike's aching purple cock.

"Come for me, luv"

Jake chose that moment to twist his arm inside of Spike. Spike screamed and bucked with the strengh of his release. He was still clutching Xander's cock which he gave a few strong tugs, sending Xander screaming into oblivion

Xander came to first, and looked around himself groggily. He was lying in the couch, and over on the bed he could see the unconsious vampire. Jake was nowhere to be seen.

Probably off having a wank somewhere, Xander thought.

He was glad he'd brought Spike here tonight. He'd promised the club's owner to bring the vampire along twice a week to service a few of the Doms who's tastes ran to pleasure's the club found hard to accomadate.

He knew the problem the Doms faced. Before he'd had this thing with Spike he had found himself running out of Sub's willing to service him.

But now he had Spike, who was perfect. Even without the chip, Spike got off on pain, in fact craved it after being Sub to Angelus for so many decades.

The chip just tripled the pleasure.

Xander needed someone to hurt. Spike needed someone to hurt him.

They were a perfect pair

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