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Pavlov's Dog


2 Pavlov's Pet

Spike kneeled on the bed in his room in the old mansion trembling with anticipation.

Xander was due to arrive at any time.

Spike was naked, wearing only leather wrist and ankle bands and a tight leather coller that made it difficult to swallow. He was also wearing his Master's favourite butt plug, and spiked nipple clamps pierced his erect nipples.

Xander liked fast and easy access. Seeing Spike on his knees, nipples spotted with blood from the bite of the clamps, his firm ass in the air, butt plug stretching Spike's hole impossibly open made Xander's cock spring to raging need. He wanted to be able to plunge deep into that slick tight channel without frustrating delays.

Spike craved this too.

Sometimes Xander would put off penetrating Spike, and that was a torment, as Spike's addiction to the chip's pleasure response was now overpowering and all-consuming.

It hadn't taken Spike long to realise the chip gave him pleasure in direct proportion to the amount of pleasure Xander felt.

Passively receiving a spanking or whipping, causing Xander to become aroused, was level one.

Fucking good, Spike allowed, but nothing to the jolts of pleasure that surged through his body when Spike actively caused Xander pleasure.

When Spike deep throated Xander, the pleasure spiraled him out of control. He could suck and lick on that incredible cock all day.

And sometimes did when Xander was in a languid mood and strapped Spike's cock to stop him coming

That was Level two

But the most instense pleasure was when Xander hammered his cock into Spike's ass.

Spike was totally addicted to the high he experienced when Xander fucked him.

Level three.

He craved it constantly.

One day Xander had been later than usual and Spike had made the mistake of thinking he wasn't coming.

He'd removed the butt plug and lain down to sleep, trembling with need and withdrawal

When Xander strode in a while later, he'd been furious with the vampire.

Refusing to allow Spike to pleasure him, he'd lashed him with the riding crop before leaving abruptly.

The level one pleasure Spike had received from the whipping had helped to ease the withdrawal, but by the time Xander had arrived the next day Spike was a trembling mass of need.

He'd never left his position again.

Suddenly the door swung open and Master was there.

"Oh fuck, what a day" Xander said as he started to divest himself of his clothes. He walked over to the bed and patted Spike's ass affectionately. "I'm so pissed off, I'm gonna need a little something extra tonight."

Spike's cock hardened.

Xander studied the perfect body kneeling before him. Spike was wearing the adjusted nipple clamps that aroused him just to contemplate.

He could see they had pierced the tender nipples already, despite no tension on the chains as Spike had positioned himself carefully to ease the pull. Xander reached out and adjusted Spike's legs a little, tightening the thin chain connected to the ankle strap, causing the ingenious little clamps to bite harder into the sensitive flesh. Xander loved to see Spike's nipples bleed as the points on the clamps bit deeply into the sensitive nubs.

Xander could feel his cock getting hard and saw Spike's eyes close as a jolt of pleasure shuddered though him.

Spike felt himself hardening. The scent of his own blood was arousing. He knew he was starting to pant but couldn't help himself.

All he wanted was for Master to plunge inside him.

But he knew that wasn't going to happen very soon. If Master had had a bad day he was going to need to unwind a little.

That usually involved master's collection of whips.

He had brought a new aquisition home the other day that he hadn't yet used, but Spike guessed he would be feeling it today.

Master walked over to the whip rack on the wall.

Spike watched as Master picked up his new toy. It was made from quality leather and it's tip was capped with a small metal spike.

It had cost him plenty, Master had told him, but he didn't grudge it.

Xander unclipped the nipple clip's chains from Spike's ankle strap and helped him stand up and gingerly walk across to the whipping post.

It had only been installed a few weeks ago and the novelty hadn't worn off.

Walking was difficult as Spike's legs kept trying to buckle under him due to the enormous plug in his ass. Every step moved the infernal thing inside him, bumping his prostate.

He raised his arms and slipped his hands into the shackles and Master hurridly locked him down.

Then Xander took hold of the long chains dangling from Spike's nipples and wound them round the post. Spike's abused nipples would get no reprieve, as the clamps would bite hard with each jolt of the whip.

Xander raised his arm and brought the whip down sharply, the metal tip slicing a thin line across the vampire's back. Xander watched in iritation as the line faded and disappeared. A diet of human blood had made Spike strong.

Xander had a lot of practice under his belt though, and Spike had blood trickling from both his back and his nipples by the time Master was satisfied.

"Oh that's better, I needed that," Xander said as he dropped the whip and opened the shackles. Spike dropped to the floor.

Spike was vibrating with need, his cock dripping precome as he kneeled on all fours, his ass stretched around the huge butt plug as he waited for Master's next command.

He needed Master to fuck him so badly ......

He began to crawl back to the bed in anticipation but as he reached it the craving overcame his training for a moment.

"Master. . . please. . . please. . "

Xander had picked up the thin riding crop kept at the end of the bed at Spike's first words and now lashed the back of his thighs.

"You didn't have permission to speak!" Xander growled. "Now, how can I punish you?"

Spike stayed silent, praying Master wouldn't leave. Without his daily dose of Level 3 pleasure he had begun to go into withdrawal.

Spike needed Master to fuck him.

He waited in trembling suplication, pain burning at his insides as the withdrawal started to settle in.

Finally Master spoke.

"Fuck, using that whip's made me so horny, I've gotta get off, punishment or no punishment" Xander exclaimed sittng down on the edge of the bed. "But damn, you don't deserve my cock up your ass tonight. You can suck on it instead"

Spike whimpered. he knew it won't be enough to stop the shakes.

Crawling over to Xander he began to suckle on his cock and allowed the Level 2 waves of pleasure to soothe him.

If he could make it really good for Master, it might almost come near Level 3.

He bent himself to the task.

Xander meanwhile amused himself by tugging on the nipple clamp chains, seeing if he could draw more blood.

The sensation was driving Spike wild. He was desperate to come, and desperate not to come before Master.

He didn't want to give Master an excuse to punish him.

Master had an agonizing little device he used as punishment. It was a small cone shaped barbed cage that fitted snugly over his half-hard cock, but was too small to accomadate him when fully erect.

Master would fit it to him and then slowly fuck his ass, causing an incredible mix of ecstacy from the chip and agony from his raging hard on as it was crushed inside that tiny cage.

Spike was really desperate not to come before Master

Spike grasped the shaft of Master's cock in one hand as he sucked hard on the head. His fingers wouldn't meet around the shaft, Master was too thick, and Spike ached to feel that hot thick cock inside him.

He used his other hand to fondle Master's balls, rolling them in his fingers. The chip kept increasing the pleasure each time he found a new way to pleasure Master

From the intensity of the surges going through him now, Master wasn't going to last much longer.

His hand began to blur on the shaft as he suctioned on the head, then he swallowed Master's cock whole.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Xander screamed his release, sending the chip into overdrive.

The waves of pleasure surging through his body from the chip were almost enough.

When Master had recovered and dressed Spike reached across and gently touched his thigh. This was his "Request to speak" signal, which Master could accept or ignore depending on his mood.

"Yes, Spike?"

"Please, Master, I'm sorry I spoke without permission. I promise to be good. When will you fuck me?"

"Tomorrow. I'll fuck you tommorrow. But that butt plugg stays in until then, you hear? I wanna see that hole of yours red and sore and weeping for me, or I leave, understand?"

"Yes Master, thankyou Master"

"Now let me see you walk around with that thing in you."

Spike hurried to comply. He had a lot of difficulty trying to get his legs to work, they had a tendency to buckle as he tried to stand up.

He managed in the end, but he could barely walk with the enormous intrusion in his ass.

"That's the largest one isn't it?" asked Xander. "The one that hurts?"

"Yes Master"

"Good. Can't wait to see your ass tomorrow night. Gonna fuck you through the floor"

Spike shivered in anticipation.

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