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Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander
Distribution: Want? Take, have. Just   tell me where please, so I can go lookie
Warning: BDSM, Non-consensual, torture. Don't try this at home.
Not a nice story. Nasty dark smut. Really.
Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.
Inspiration for this came from [info]Lady Cat's   Lessons and Juliatheyounger's   Remote Control but I took their bunnies and ran off in a totally different direction, so don't blame them.
Beta'd by [info]Laazikaat   but I kept playing with it so any mistakes are my own.
Summary: Spike's chip can give pleasure as well as pain
Constructive Feedback always appreciated.

Pavlov's Dog


Pavlov's Chip

Spike came slowly to consciousness wondering what the hell had happened.

He was blindfolded and lying spreadeagled face down on the huge four poster bed Angelus had used when they'd all lived in the mansion.

The familiar smells told him he was indeed in the master bedroom of the old mansion.

He could feel tight shackles around his wrists and ankles, and surreptitious tugs informed him they were holding him tightly to each of the four bedposts.

Not a good sign.

Nor was the ball gag in his mouth.

And he wasn't alone.

Harris? What the fuck?

"I see you're awake." said a familiar voice. "Don't bother to answer . . oh, of course, you can't, can you?"

Spike wondered what was going on. He knew Harris hated him for sleeping with the ex-demon bint, and then for that time (he still couldn't form the words, even in his mind) in Buffy's bathroom.

"You might remember Warren," the voice continued cheerfully. "When Buffy destroyed his headquarters last year I went over and rummaged around. He'd been investigating your chip, among other things. Left extensive notes, too, about what he'd discovered."

"Apparently the chip had been designed to be more than a leash. Seems they designed some behavioral modification controls into it too."

Spike tensed and gave a powerful wrench, trying to break the shackle on his left wrist.

Xander smirked. "Don't bother, fangless. They're magically re-enforced. There's no way you're going anywhere."

He reached over and removed Spike's blindfold.

Spike glared at him impotently.

Xander was naked, erect and he held a short leather whip loosely in one hand.

Spike's cock rose at the sight as his demon stirred.

Xander picked up what looked like a small TV remote.

"Now what I learned is that if I switch this lever here to this position . . . and then I use this sweet little leather crop here on your back like this . . ."

Xander brought his arm back and then began to lash Spikes back with the flogger, raising red welts that were slow to fade now Spike was living on pig's blood.

Spike was panting and humping against the mattress by the third lash.

"You see? That gives me a happy. . . and giving me a happy gives you a happy." Xander grinned at the aroused vampire chained to the bed.

Spike glared at him, but he was trembling with lust as well and realized he really wanted Xander to whip him again.

Like any vampire, Spike was aroused by pain, and Angelus had trained his body well in the early days. But the extra jolts coming from the chip, directly into the pleasure centers of his brain were combining with his own natural pleasure reponses to elict a high he'd never felt before.

Spike was no fool. He knew all about addictions and conditioning and what the pleasure/pain response could do.

Using the chip, Xander could program him like one of Pavlov's fucking dogs.

Xander moved forward and rubbed his hand possessively over the raised marks on Spike's back. It caused Spike to flinch from the pain, and then harden even more, if that was possible, as the chip picked up Xander's increasing arousal.

"Oh yeah, this is good. Any pleasure you give me will make you hard and horny, fangless. Any pain of course will set off the chip in the way you're used to, so don't even think of trying anything."

Xander walked over to the table by the wall and picked up a small scrap of leather. Returning to Spike's side he quickly wrapped it around Spikes hard cock and fastened it securely.

"That's better," he smiled down at his new toy, "we don't want you coming too soon, now do we? I intend to see just how much pleasure that chip can give us."

Xander walked back to the side table, slowly looking over the toys laid out there. Spike was beautiful and he was all Xander's. Xander was a Dom, and got off on inflicting pain, it was a secret he had hidden from the scoobies for years.

He was a frequent visitor at a discreet demon club out of town that catered to his needs, where sweet little subs allowed him to punish them in all manner of ways.

Spike had been a wank-fantasy of Xander's for a long time now, and Xander always tried to find slim hard bodied young subs when he visited the club.

He'd been warned lately to hold back a bit, damaging the subs past a certain limit was not allowed, and Xander tended to play rough.

Finding Warren's notes had been a windfall. He could have it all now, with a sub who could take anything he dished out.

Xander had already found a blackmarket source of human blood for Spike. He wanted a fit and healthy partner for these sessions.

He walked back to Spike with two nipple clips in his hand. They had sharp points and long chains trailed from them.

He loosened the ankle straps a little to allow Spike to come to his knees and gave him a sharp slap on his rump to hurry him along.

Spike got to all fours awkwardly, his wrists were still bound tightly to the posts at the head of the bed, restricting movement

Xander reached under Spikes body and flicked and twisted a nipple until it hardened to a stiff peak. Fastening one of the nipple clamps to it he repeated the treatment on the other nipple. Spike winced at the bite but his cock swelled at the stimulation his nipples were getting

"These things are a marvel", said Xander proudly, "The harder I tug, the tighter they get," he said tugging on one of the attached chains to demonstrate. As Xander gave a couple of sharp tugs on each one, Spike's eyes narrowed with pain as the little spikes at the tips bit into his sensitive nipples.

Xander could feel himself harden at the sight of the thin trickle of blood that began to slide down the vampire's pale chest, and then watched Spike's eye's glaze over as the chip faithfully did it's job.

"Lovely." he said. "Now I'm going to fasten the chains to your ankle straps, so you'll have to keep very still if you don't want them biting into your nipples too hard."

Leaving the panting vampire kneeling on the bed, he walked back to the side table and looked down at the selection of butt plugs.

He picked up the biggest and returned to Spike. The vampire was staring in fascination at the huge plug and starting to pant.

"Been awhile since you had anything this big in you, I suppose. Want you nice and stretched for me later, though, so you're just going to have to get used to it," Xander said as he slicked up the grotesque plug and started to push it into Spike's unprepared ass.

"'Course the up-side of shoving this thing into you is that it's giving me another happy, so you should be getting the benefit too."

Tears formed in Spike's eyes as the enormous butt plug inched it's way into his body. The pain was incredible as his hole stretched around the thing, but the pleasure was unbelievable too, as his whimpers of pain turned Xander on even more, and the chip shot more pleasure into his brain.

He knew that each time that the pain he felt was rewarded with extreme bolts of pleasure he was becoming more deeply conditioned by the damn chip.

But he was starting not to care.

Finally the thing was lodged fully and Spike knew that without the cockring he would have come already.

In fact he would have come quite a few times.

Xander removed the ball gag and smiled down at him. "How does it feel?" he asked as he fastened the leather restraints designed to keep the huge thing in place

Spike was having trouble forming words. " H..h...hurts. H..hurts a lot. T..t..too big"

"Well, get used to it, it's suddenly my favourite plug," Xander said and reached over for a thin flexible riding crop the man in the shop had promised would deliver stinging blows and occasionally draw blood if he wasn't careful. Xander didn't really intend to be careful


Precome was leaking steadily from Spike's bound cock as he twisted under the lash. Every time he reacted to the sting of the whip the butt plug moved inside him and the nipple clamps bit down hard. Xander was also becoming incredibly turned on, which kept activating the chip.

The pleasure was more intense than he'd ever experienced, even under Angelus' experienced ministrations.

Finally Xander dropped the riding crop and removed his trousers.

He climbed onto the bed and sat at Spikes head.

His cock was rock-hard and precome was dripping from the head as he positioned his cock in front of Spike's mouth.

"Suck it," he commanded, "and make it good. Don't forget the better you make it for me, the more you get to enjoy it."

Spike licked at the tip and immediately felt a jolt of pleasure shoot straight to his cock.

Oh shit he thought. This was much more intense than the pleasure he had received when he had just been the passive recipient of the whip and the butt plug.

He had thought that had been fucking fantastic, but it dwindled to luke-warm in comparison to what he was feeling now.

Just that one lick had sent blinding pleasure crashing through his body. It was as though the chip picked up Xander's pleasure and then amplified it a hundred times.

Gingerly he took the head into his mouth and would have come on the spot if not for that bloody cock ring. His cock ached with need.

Spike started to suck on the large cock in his mouth, his eyes closing as the intense waves of pleasure jolted through him from the chip

Heaven. It was Heaven. Or as close as a vampire could come. Unending waves of pure pleasure poured over him.

His cock throbbed and ached as he continued sucking.

He never wanted it to end

Any more and he would die of it.

Xander felt his balls start to tighten and pulled away roughly.

He swiftly moved behind Spike and tore the butt plug out of his ass, then with a grunt shoved his large hard cock into the vacant hole.

Spike screamed with pleasure/pain. The chip went into overdrive as it responded to Xander's ecstasy when he felt his cock driving into the tight slick grasping hole in front of him.

Spike hadn't believed the pleasure could intensify more until Xander had shoved his cock up his aching hole

He was hooked.

Instant addiction.

The chip pulsed pure euphoria into him on a level that nothing he'd experienced before came close to.

Xander jackhammered into Spike's hole, shoving himself in deep enough to leave bruises.

'Please....please....please..." was all Spike could sob as Xander's cock rammed into him, causing a double hit of pleasure from the chip and his prostate every time that enormous cock rubbed against it.

Xander reached around and released the cockring allowing Spike to come and at the next powerful thrust the most powerful orgasm of his life surged through him.

Spike collapsed unconsious as Xander's orgasm spasmed into him.

Xander lay draped over Spike in a hazy glow when he finally came back to himself.

He realized the vampire was on his knees below him, still unconsious.

He released the ankle straps and removed the nipple clamps, noting the drying blood from where they'd bitten into Spike's nipples during the strenuous fucking near the end, when Spike's legs had jerked with each powerful thrust.

He smiled and put them close by on the bedtable. He could hardly wait for Spike to heal so he could use them again.

He lengthened one of the wrist straps and then reached for an abused nipple and gave it a sharp twist. The pain brought Spike back to consiousness straight away.


Xander reached over and took hold of the hand he'd lengthened the chain on.

He brought Spike's hand across to his own semi-hard cock and started to move Spike's hand up and down his returning erection. Xander could see the chip cut in, as Spike's eyes began to glaze.

He let go of Spike's hand and it continued to pleasure him on it's own, while small whimpers of pleasure came from Spike

"Spike. It's time we sorted out a few groundrules.

I am your master.

You will not speak unless given permission. You will address me as Master when allowed to speak.

You are my personal property, and your body will be available to me at all times."

Spike's hand continued to tug and fondle Xander's erection, his eyes were unfocused and he had begun to pant gently.

"Do you understand me?" Xander asked, "Answer me"

"Yes... yes....Master"

Xander thrust into Spike's hand, giving himself a surge of pleasure, and watched fascinated as the vampire's panting sped up and his eyes closed with the extra jolt of pleasure he received in return.

"Say it again"

"Yes, Master" Spike panted, his fingers speeding up as they found pre come dripping from the tip and slid it around the shaft.

"You are going to make your home here, and prepare yourself for me each afternoon."

"You are to be face down, naked on the bed and with that monster butt plug up your lubed ass. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master" Spike gasped

Xander shoved his cock into Spike's mouth. He was instantly swallowed whole as Spike deep throated him.

Spike set up a steady rythmn, sucking and licking the huge cock, and swallowing it whole at intervals.

"Don't come!" Xander ordered as Spike started mindlessly humping against the bed

Xander had to admire the control Angelus had trained into the vampire, as Spike stopped humping and moaned around the hard cock in his throat

When Xander felt he couldn't take any more he withdrew and roughly twisted Spike around exposing his still slicked up hole.

He pressed his cock against Spike's hole and paused. He could feel Spike pressing back against him, desperate for another taste of the chip on overdrive he knew would come at Xander's entry.

"What am I?"

Spike's mind was in meltdown, he couldn't understand what Xander wanted.

"What am I?" Xander repeated, giving Spike's leg a slash with the riding crop he'd kept close at hand.

"Master!" screamed Spike "You're my Master!"

"Yes!" said Xander as he thrust balls deep into Spike's hole in one savage lunge.

Spike screamed with pleasure as the chip once again went into overdrive. Xander hammered into him, repeating "Master! I am your Master!" as he reached around and twisted one of Spike's tender nipples.

Spike screamed and came, his ass clenching around Xander's cock and sending him over the edge as well.

As Spike lay unconsious beside him again, Xander knew things were finally going his way.

It was perfect.

Spike had always been a slave to his addictions.

A few more sessions and Spike would be completely conditioned as Xander's own personal sex-slave, a mindless addict waiting for the next hit, desperate to give Xander pleasure.

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