RATING: R, quite possibly NC-17 (but only for innuendo)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Just a short series of unexpected (but not unwelcome!) Christmas...erm, presents. 1st in the Holiday Cheer mini-series
Disclaimer: Still waiting for Santa to get back to me on my Christmas list. Until then, not, they still aren't mine. ::sigh::
Note: I'm trying out the all-dialogue type of story sequence. I get the urge occasionally. Part of the Slash Advent Calendar Challenge situated at: http://www.kardasi.com/Advent

It's Gotta Be The Season



"Spike? What about here?"

"Little more to the right. No, little more. Liiiitle more. There!"


"Lookin' good."

"It does look rather fantastic, doesn't it? Yet another masterful decorating job brought to you by the great and wonderful Xand-man."

"Just needs somethin'."

"What? No it doesn't! It's absolutely-- what's it need?"

"Ummm...back up a bit."

"Oh. Um, ok. Like this?"

"Yeah, that's perfect."



"Holy...Spike! What the hell was that!"

"Been so long since you got any that you forgot what a kiss was?"

"I *know* what a kiss is! But you...with the lips...and the tongue...and--why?!"

"You were standing under the mistletoe, pet. S'tradition, innit?"

"Not like that! When I'm a guy, and you're a guy, and we're both guys, and that means no kissing the other guy, and--mmmmrph!"


"Ack! You did it again!"

"Well you're still standing under the mistletoe, you git."

"Well stop it! Blech! I can't believe you *frenched* me! I don't even *wanna* think about where you tongue has been!"

"It must not have been too bad since you still aren't moving."

"...Shut up."

"Look, I'm just tryin' to stay in the holiday spirit an' all. Hold still now."

"Oh no you don't! Back off blondie! You stay away from me with those evil vampire lips of yours. I'm just gonna go over here and--aaahh! Ow!"

"...Pet? You just fell into the pile of mistletoe."

"I *know* that you bleached idiot! Ouch! Arg...help me up already!"

"Mmmm, I dunno. See, you get a kiss for standing under an itty bitty little sprig of mistletoe, what should you get for laying there in a whole pile of it?"

"Spike? Why are you looking at me like that? Spike! Ack! Stop that! Stop with the touching and the lick-mmph!"

"Mmmmm.....yeah pet, just like that..."

"Spike...you can't...you have to stop...oh. Oh geez, right there!"

"That's right. Open up for me Xan. Lemme make you feel good."

"Oh god. Yesssss. Oh. Y-you shouldn't...with the clothes, and the nakedness, and--woah! What the *hell*?!"

"Like that? Want more?"

"Noooooo....fingers...naughty places. Shouldn't--ooooh!"

"Lovely naughty places, pet. Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Good. Oh, oh! Goooood. S-s-Spike...bad, naughty fingers....good. Ba-bad- Oh! Again! Do th-that..."

"Gonna make you scream for me Xan. That what you want?"

"Wanting...scream...fingers! Spiiiike, fingers back! You-ah!"

"Shush, that's better, innit? Who needs fingers? C'mon luv, wrap your legs around me."

"Oh...oh! Spike! Ah!"

"Christ, yeah. Xan! Yeah, squeeze like that again!"


"Mmm, fuck you're hot. Ah...Xan. Oh yeah."

"Ah...ah...ahhhh! Oh!"

"Uhhhhh! Mmmm...ohhh."

"oh. oh. oh god."

"Delicious, pet. Mmmm."

"Hmmmm. You...that...oh..."

"Yeah? Pretty nice, huh?"

"I, um--"

"Guys? Are you almost done with the--woah!"

"Eeep! Um, B-B-Buffy?"

"I do *not* want to know. I am *not* seeing that. I am going to turn around and walk back into the kitchen now."


"Erm, Buffy?"

"Right. Going now. Must...repress..."


"Well, guess she got an eyeful, didn't she?"

"Argh! You-you-- Get off me you undead....creep!"

"Well, if that isn't a lovely change of tune. Prat. Where'd my shirt go?"

"I think it's over there. What the *hell* happened to my buttons?"


"Oh, shut up."


"So. I guess we should finish. With the, um, decorating. Yeah."

"Whatever. Hand me that hammer would you?"

"Right. Sure, here you-mmmph!"



"What? You standing under the bloody mistletoe again!"


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